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What Did You Learn this Year?

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I've befriended the three homeless people who hang on my one-block walk from subway to office.  Last month, at the end of a conversation with one of them, I said "We all need to hang in there" and she responded: "No, don't just hang in there, we need to move forward!"

So, in that vein --

What new insights did you gain this season about your skiing, skiing in general, or yourself as a result of skiing?

Here's some items from my list:

About skiing --

  • Staying in the trough isn't the best way to ski moguls.
  • The worst thing you can do when in the middle of a jump is to have second thoughts about being there.

About my skiing --
  • I actually like skiing bumps and moguls (last season I skied them because my kids wanted to; this season I enjoyed them -- the activeness, the randomness, the focus required, etc.).
  • I love tree skiing.

About me --
  • Can't always trust "analytic" inside-the-brain processes (I read dozens of ski reviews, took notes, even made a chart, and then demo'ed -- and really liked -- a ski that wasn't on the chart).  

What's on your list for this season?
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 I learned how to ski uphill.
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I learned how to ski. Now that was a great decision!
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Doing that old 360 carve are we.
Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post

 I learned how to ski uphill.

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.
More powerful than a Locomotive.
Faster than a speeding bullet.
That should keep me busy for awhile.
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I learned to "Shut up and Ski" with kids!  They really don't want to hear you ramble on about technique.  It's all "Monkey See, Monkey Do!
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I learned how to ski.

Then I learned how to ski steeps.

Then I learned how to ski tree's.

Then I learned how to ski waist deep pow.

Then I learned how to ski steep waist deep pow in the tree's.

Lastly I learned that if you don't hit it early you might as well just roll over and go back to sleep.

It was a good first year being a skier. And it's not done yet.
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 No, I skied up a hill, not in a circle.

Do you really think Telemarkers want you to wait for them? If we ever happen to cross paths on a ski hill, I won't ask you to wait for me. In fact, I'll encourage you to ski as far away from me as possible.
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I learned that I don't need to ski a whole bunch of days to be happy.  I learned that life as I currently know it allots about 2-4 ski days per month between November and April before I begin to think the 6 hour ski commute is too much trouble.

I also learned that my aging bones and ligaments are more brittle and fragile than I wish they were in spite of how often I exercise and try to stay limber.  But that isn't going to prevent me from tempting fate over and over again

I learned that in spite of now being an occasional weekend warier I can still put down a respectable time in the gates, rock the bumps, shred the powder and crud, and even hit some tabletops in the park.  I've just got to pace myself a bit, and not go quite as big as I used to when I healed quicker.

I still love skiing more than any other pastime, but I've known that most if my life
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1. Not to ski the bumps with a torn meniscus in your knee
2. The chocolate chip cookies at Beaver Creek are worth missing a run or two for

3. Skiing with other Bears is a lot of fun 
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 Heard something great this season...(from an examiner, and not to me): "Thank you for what you taught me today" 
Can't we learn from anyone?...
I finally understood wedge christies I think! 
One legged skiing
..and starting to sense how much I do not know...
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Learned I like some fat skis.
Learned I do not like some full rockered  VERY wide skis in the chop and pack.
Decided it was more important for others to survive than for me to have new skis.  (was a good choice)
Learned my wife is more comfortable for me to ski while working than when 'unemployed'.  (she can deal with it)
Learned that this lift serviced ski season is going to end too soon.
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The worst thing you can do when in the middle of a jump is to have second thoughts about being there.- yea i had my experience with this one, ended up breaking my brand new komperdell pure black over my azz, it left a nice bruise.
Make sure your pockets with keys and wallets are zipped before boarding a lift- learned this one today, still trying to find the wallet
Bumps arent that bad for your knees- had an acl reconstruction and its still goin strong
Mothers who used to ski alot underestimate weaknesses in their body- torn acl
cheap ski poles are the way to go
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I learned how to ski powder
I learned how to ski backwards
I learned that I am not invincible on skis (first season I was injured enough to stop my from skiing)
I learned the importance of proper boots
I learned how to wax my own skis
I learned how to lance my own toe (courtesy of Bristol Mtn Ski Patrol Director)
I learned what it's like to be stuck on a chair lift
I learned what it feels like to grind a rail
I'll end the list there
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 One more:
Learned we can get snow in the East (see Blue Knob TR or my TR from Sno Mountain)
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I learned that...

Breck is sick! and so is Mammoth!
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I learned to pressure my skis effectively and make RR tracks.
I learned to appreciate narrower skis.
I learned that going fast is its own reward.
I learned that good skiing is not a work out at all.
I learned that skiing with friends every day is very rewarding.
I learned that snowbasin is a kick ass ski area.
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I learned I like longer skis with more flex.
I learned that skiing trees is a major rush.
I learned how to wax my own skis.
I learned to appreciate the right boots.
I learned how to blow a lot of cash on ski gear in a very short amount of time.
I learned how easy it is to become addicted to skiing!
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I learned that I can actually ski the bumps fairly well.
I learned that sometimes marginal conditions warning signs mean what they say. (two core shots later)
I learned that 80 days skiing is better than 60 days skiing, but it still isn't enough.
I learned that the jump from single to easy double blacks is no worse than the jump from blues to easy blacks.
I learned that I don't want to work all day, I just want to bang on the drum (and ski).
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I learned that Marker Comp 15 bindings actually do keep skis attached to boots, contrary to popular superstition.
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 I learned how to ski GS skis 
I learned how to TRON ski trees thanks to stowe locals and rockered skis.
I learned that carving should be an outcome not a goal
I learned that ski choice can make it impossible for others to follow you. 
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I learned to not lose yourself in other's shadow, and always be ready with 100% self reliance in the event the shit hits the fan.
I learned that when all else fails family will always be there....so never take for granted those who love you unconditionally. 
I learned that for me to continue to consider myself an avid skier I really got to step it up...this past season was pathetic. 
I learned that I need to replace my all HEAD quiver with a new all HEAD quiver that incorporate the new gizmos they got going on. 
I learned that KneeBindings are still not ready for mass consumption...but I am hopeful.
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 I learned and continue to learn that one good turn deserves another....
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 Im done learning..its more.. refining now
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 I learned to not "think too much" while skiing - just be aware of the "feeling" when your skiing.  If something is not quite working for you on a particular day, trust that you already know all you need to know, and let  your body self correct to regain the "feeling" of skiing well.  - I got this from the book "Inner Skiing", and I feel like I improved more from this than all the other books, videos etc.
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    It was my first season, so I pretty much learned everything I know. The biggest thing is that skiing is a progression based sport for me, and unlike biking when you fall its not really painful so you really gotta be uncomfortable to progress.
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Sorry this was an unintended post.
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Originally Posted by minimedic18 View Post

Sorry this was an unintended post.

Mini also learned a bit about posting. You're right, to improve your skiing it is a progression based on good fundamentals. These put you in position to improve at a rate you are capable of. Without these building blocks it is a tougher path to sort out all the variables on your own.  Good luck and I wish for you all the help you desire. Anything I can do to help you this or next  year please don't hesitate in asking help from myself and  the many experienced and venerable coaches available here. They sure do help me and the cool thing is I never get sent a bill for their expertise. They do it often from the kindness of their giving hearts.
Welcome to Epicski.  May your skiing dreams come true
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I learned to be more patient and to listen and I  learned  more how to learn from my students.
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 I learned
  • the only thing holding me back is my own sad self.
  • the importance of keeping my feet under myself
  • when you get into the deep stuff its funner and safer if you have a buddy
  • the importance of trust
  • My dog always loves me
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I learned a lot about finding the good snow in a marginal year.
I learned that I like ABasin more than I like Loveland.
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