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I have seen the light...

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Hello, everyone.

I have been on the snowboard for about 5 years and have been having a lot of fun.  However, I skied for the first time in about 15 years this past season at Beaver Creek and Vail.  I took a long break from skiing/riding during & after college and basically switched to snowboarding because I wanted a new challenge on the steeps in SE Michigan.  Frankly, I found the skiing to be too boring, so switching to the board made it more tolerable.

So after skiing a few days this past winter, I have rediscovered the joy of of skiing. I am now hoping to trade in the board for a set of skis.  The issue that I'm confronting now is that I really know very little about skis, bindings, boots (other than fat skis are awesome on corduroy).

I am looking for suggestions on a setup that would be best for my skill level, budget and location.  To give you an idea, I was able to ski some of the blacks in CO and did "OK" on the bumps.  I did not tackle any of the doubles, but hope to get there soon.  I would like to ski about 10 days on real mountains each year and 10 days in Michigan - a few in SE Michigan and a few up north.  As for a budget, I would like to keep it under $1000.  I'm 5'11'', 190.

Any ideas?
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Originally Posted by MiRider View Post

fat skis are awesome on corduroy.


Mi -- Where did you hear this? 

Consider demo-ing different skis next season before purchasing.  And try demo-ing the same model (and length) of skis both on the Michigan slopes and at Vail / Beaver Creek (I assume that was your reference to "real mountains" -- although there are great places to ski in NE, with real mountains too).  You may find that a ski that works well in Michigan might not suit you as well out West. 
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Welcome back to full functionality and 4 edges. Personally, agree that (some) fats are great on corduroy. Not true for hardpack, obviously, but bet that a decent fat will handle ice better than the snowboards I see sideslipping. For your mission, IMO you'll first want decent boots. Find a bootfitter in your area, probably A2 or Detroit burbs. Worry about fit rather than brand, and ask for something that has a flex in the 100-110 range. Poles are throw in's at most shops, if not, flex your arm to 90 degrees out, find one that reaches your hand, go buy it on fleabay. Skis: Know Michigan well. You want something in the 90-100mm range give or take, and with good edge hold. So not true fats. Candidates that'll come in at your price point, look for sales online. Use Google or places like Level Nine, Ski Universe, and of course fleabay. My picks:

Head iM88 (if you like damp and beefy, open spaces, Peak 88 is this season's less demanding version, also fine ski), Blizzard Magnum 8.7 (if you like lively and stiffish, super versatile binding system that can switch between alpine and AT) or Blizzard Cronus (bit softer and damper than the 8.7, better in soft, not as good on ice), Volkl Bridge or Head Mojo (if you want twin tips for skiing switch or jumping), Fisher Watea 94 (if you like light and lively, better on softer snow and bumps). All of these can be found at good prices from now until June, all are mostly unchanged in the last two years. Skis should come somewhere between your nose and your eyebrows, go measure in cm. (Prob 174-180 range) Good luck!! 

P.S.: Ask Trekchick for more insights. She's a Michigander and knows her equipment. To put it mildly. She'll try to talk you into a Kastle. Resist. Expensive habit.
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Thanks for the input.  Most of the feedback I'm getting says to start with boots first and go from there.  I think that I rented some K2s on my last trip.  I can't remember the size.

I would prefer to find something that is better for my trips and tolerable for skiing at home. 
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