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I've heard a lot about which glass would be the best.

I've always heard that orange glass is the best (yellow in foggy weather), but now theres some rumor about green glass being the best (to see the structure of the snow)?

I would like to now which glass a should choose for my goggles, and if you can give a description for why it is better?

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Firstly, welcome to EpicSki!

When it comes to goggles, people can tell you what they wear, but in my experience, it's all about personal preference.

I wear Oakleys, as I like the quality of their gear and their customer service.
In bright conditions I have the Fire Iridium lens in - it's orange.
In low visibility I wear the HI Yellow lens.

Some of my friends wear rose or light blue tints.

When I say that it's all about personal preference, I mean that everyone's eyes are different, so one colour might be better for me, but not as good for you. My advice is to go and try different ones on to see the differences. If you are trying them on in a shop, ask them if you can go outside and see how they cope in natural light - it's completely different to shop lighting.

Hope that helps
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 Personal preference would be the key, as WTFH Says, a lot depends on your eyes and how they handle light.

For me, I prefer the Smith I/O Goggles, Review here and still use my Smith Phenom Turbo Fan Goggle on deep snow days.

The lens I keep in the Smith I/O is the ignitor lens.
Here's a story about how good the ignitor lens is in flat light.
I have a friend who always buys cheap goggles, and always complained about his vision.
One day I loaned him my goggles for a couple runs and he saw the difference.  But he refused to spring the $$ to buy a pair of goggles with that lens.

A few weeks later, when spring sales were on at the mountain ski shop, he asked me to go into the shop and help him find some cheap goggles that would work for him in flat light.
We walk into the shop and I ask the guy which goggles he has with lens' that are good for flat light, to which the guy (noticing my goggles) says "Better than the lens you have in those?  There isn't one"
My friend tried on several pair of goggles with different lens' and eventually let the moths fly out of his wallet to buy the Smith I/O.  His "go to" lens is the ignitor, just like me. 
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Personal preference, but check out Smith Sensor Mirror for cloudy days and Ignitor Mirror or Plat Mirror for sunny.   As far as frames go, make sure you try goggles on with your helmet so you know what fits your face.
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