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Ride DC

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 I've been posting picture of DC riders here
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Tele, hope this wasn't you run over by the presidential mototcade:
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Originally Posted by Jamesj View Post

Did you see this on CNN the other day, NYC bike messenger:

Ditzy blonde.
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Originally Posted by Roadrash View Post

Tele, hope this wasn't you run over by the presidential mototcade:

No it wasn't me. I learned of the incident when my mom called to make sure.

Rest in peace, Constance Holden. A talented artist, , long career as a science writer, 63 year old bike commuter,

The trucks were used to block traffic on streets crossing the motorcade route.

I almost got backed into by one the following day. Truthfully, I was between lanes and never in danger, never in the truck's path.

While they use ground guides and there was a lot of honking, the ground guide was not interested in what was in the way of the truck, or he assumed there was nothing. He walked backwards into my bike as he waved the truck to continue backing up. My fault to be splitting lanes and sticking my front wheel into where it shouldn't be especially knowing what happened to Ms. Holden and the fact that I can't back up with my long trailer in tight traffic like what happens after long stoppages.

I think this is Obama at 9th and NY, inside the closed area.
I took this Monday morning, at least six hours before Constance's death, about one block from where it happened.
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RIP Constance, it's always hard to see a fellow cyclist killed by an auto.  It reminds you of how vulnerable you are out there.
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Bike forums is down, so I'll post some of today's snapshots here.


Chariots for hire



Monkey Dawg



Daniel Webster and Larry






Dutch bike



"Make every day a ride to work day"


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Bikeforums banned me.:( Should I post pictures here or get a blog?


Today's best shot


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Wow, you must have finally insulted the wrong person, what did you do?

If you want a personal biker blog, form a social group.  Kind of like having your own forum.  You get to decide who are leaders (moderators) and can set the name and subject matter, and invite whoever you want.  Either way, I don't see a problem with you continuing to post DC life in pictures here in this thread.

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What did I do? The posts I got banned for are still there, unedited.

I told a guy whose username is monkeyboy not to fling poo at me.

Another picture from today. M Street in Georgetown.



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Less then ten views. OK, I hear you. The silence is deafening. ;)


There is a huge dog in post number nine! Yeah, sorry it's doofus hipster master is blocking the view. Am I supposed to ride on the grassy patch between the wall and the iron fence to get the shot? Sorry, I lack that dedication. This is just a hobby for me. :)


Parting shot





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Hyattsville CX 2011



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Are those your photos?  Great action shots!  I'm wondering if anyone made it through the mud pit without performing an endo.

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Yes I took them, thanks. I took a lot though and most didn't come out. It was kind of dark in the woods and hard to get stuff in focus. Most of the racers ran through the mud, which was faster anyway! Not without risk though as sometimes a racer's leg would go in up to the top of the long socks they seem to favor. One guy left a shoe in it.


Those who attempted to ride got all the cheers though. I'd say about one in six who tried, made it through. A lot just came to a stop when their wheel sunk in. 


Line was very important and finding the right one was mostly luck.

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Friday, Indiana Plaza

(Pennsylvania Ave. & 7th)


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