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Ski waxing

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I was reading up on waxing of skis and saw that somebody mentioned removing the majority of the wax with a metal brush!

Surely this has a big chance of scratching the surface of the skis?
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By metal brush, you want to use something soft like brass after you're done waxing (and scraping). It will not harm the base and if done right it lets you take out pretty much all the wax down to the pores. This is adequate for someone starting out or is a recreational skier.
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Brass is ok but prefer a Horsehair brush and you don't really use a brush to remove wax but to structure the wax left on the base with hundreds of small grooves.  Remove wax with your plastic scraper and then structure the wax with a brush.   Bought one from Alpinord/Slidewright here on Epic.  Like their wax too.  Use the all purpose for all days except really cold then use the Cold wax which is green.
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That makes sense. LOL

Thanks Pete
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