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Does anyone happen to know whether there have been any changes made (for better or worse) to the design and/or construction of the original 2008 RC4 Progressor (as it was known then), to the newest 2010 model 9+?  From all appearances -- sidecut, dual Ti, air carbon, wood core, sandwhich sidewall, binding, plate -- they seem to be exactly the same.  Except for the graphics, of course.  Talking to customer service at Fischer USA and Fischer Canada yielded uncertain, somewhat vague responses -- "Yes they are the same....we think...."

I know Head/Tyrolia changed their Freeflex binding and plate design starting with the '09 Supershape lineup.  Did Fischer do the same with their Flowflex? Any other changes?  Stiffness, flex pattern, etc.?

Bottom line:  will an '08 Progressor ski the same as a current 9+, all else being equal?

Many thanks in advance for your insight.