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I believe that we have reached one of these occassions where it needs to be resolved with alcohol.
You, me and ant, over a couple of pints, and you can tell us the story

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Um, well, now, see...that was sort of the problem in the first place, Fox!
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T'wouldn't work, Fox Hat, American pints are very small.
I think I can see what happened now. Someone fell OFF the bar stools!
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NEVER knock a drinking plan on the head, at least not until you've tried it, otherwise you end up with:
"They have smaller pints than us"
"I've drunk stronger water than their beer"
"Their beer is all head"
or whatever excuse you may choose. I say forget the excuses, be multicultural and drink! Personally, I couldn't give a XXXX for anything else...
So, I ask you, will you come a-drinking Matilda, with me?

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Oi! I'm a drinking expert, thank'ee very much! Despite being a foreigner, i had my very own stool in the Arapahoe pub! They would move people off it when i came in. So there. And despite having dinner and drinking microbrews all night, by bill was never more than 6 bucks. Most odd.

Someone get us back on topic, quick! (Bad, Fox Hat, Bad!)
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