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Snowbird 4/18 - 20, drive/bus?

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I'm headed out to Snowbird in 2 weeks.  We'll be staying in the city and I'm wondering if it would be best to rent a car or take the public transport.  Hows the drive when it snows?

Regardless of what vehicle I rent, I don't know if I would feel comfortable driving if it snows like we're seeing now.  On the other hand, it looks like the buses are running on a limited schedule for the spring which will make catching our return flight difficult.


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Assuming they don't get another mega-storm like the past couple days, the drive up to Snowbird isn't that bad. And since the road was closed all day today, it wasn't that bad in this storm either.

I often intend to take the bus up, only to arrive between buses and make the drive up the canyon, and have rarely found it to be that bad. They're pretty efficient at clearing it from my experience. Since your trip is that late in April, and the buses are limited, I'd plan to drive. I assume you're skiing for more than one day? If it's really that bad on one day, you could always take the bus that day, but the road conditions aren't likely to be terrible for the entire trip.
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I don't have any personal experience but I just booked a trip for next week to the Bird (4/11-4/14). The reservation guy at the Bird said Canyon Transportation has buses running every hour on the hour to & from the airport. The cost for one round trip ride is $68. If you're going back & forth a few times that can get a little pricey although I don't know what a rental car would cost per day. They have some pretty good deals on lift & lodging packages right now so you might want to consider staying on mountain which is what I opted for.
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I agree with Steamboat.  Low season is a great time to stay up the canyon for not much more than a cheap chain in the valley.  I still usually reserve a car and if the canyon has weather issues you can always jump on Canyon Transport last minute.
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Thanks for the feedback.  The lodging rates look pretty good.  I think that's the way we'll go.
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Ask yourself if you like the freedom of a vehicle, or which is more affordable. If you stay on 7200, you can really get away with hopping on a bus, and walking to restaurants.

If you are like most people and prefer the freedom of a vehicle, you should rent. And oh boy don't you wish it could only be as bad as it has been the last week when you are there don't you? :)

Rent anything and hope for a dump, because you can park that rental at a park & ride and take public transportation for $3.50. Driving conditions are only poor at up by Snowbird and Alta during the spring dumps. By the time you are to gate B it is raining on you.

If you have the funds to stay up at the resorts that would obviously be the best way to have a vacation, and not ride a bus.
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