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...Titanium Full Metal Jacket Cyber World Cup race skis?  My friend has an old pair.  Not even sure what year they are. I'm guessing around '01 or '02.  He skied them one season many moons ago and they weren't right for him.  Been sitting in storage since. 

I'm considering resurrecting them just for the fun of it and I've been wanting a ski in the 18-19M range and this seems to fit (180cm/100-62-89 19.3M at least by my measurements).  They have the Look TT9 race binding.  I'm a little skeptical of the bindings and race plate but the skis look OK.  Trying to figure out if it is worth getting a good tune on them and possibly having to buy new bindings.  The current bindings would have to be moved to fit my boot and I'm wondering if a ski shop would want to put a binging that old and ridden hard on it.

I did search on them here and all the threads I could find pointed to them being a decent race ski.  I'm sure there are better skis available on today's market with today's technology but I think this approach will be more fun.  Besides, I need a summer project.

I'm planning on using them for 1) screwing around 2) NASTAR now and again and if the first two work 3) Beer League.

Appreciate any input on the ski and/or binding.