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Originally Posted by ecimmortal View Post

LOL....did you seriously pay someone else to wrap your poles with colored tape?

Not until I had a 4 hour consultation with their Master Pole colorist, Vincent Thomas, first. It's sort of a Feng Shui thing that I, the skeptical Yankee I am, did not readily embrace. It has made a tremendous difference in my on piste accessorizing and has provided me with the harmony to ski with equal aplomb.

Actually, I do wrap my grips with hockey tape to build them up. I made up the ad as ski season is coming to a close here in the east and I now have the time.
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My first poles were HEAD iCarbon graphite...the best poles they made at the time.   Crashed and snapped one in half.   Got a pair of Excell in CF, haven't broken them but they flex too much so they are just spare poles now.   My other 3 sets of poles are all by Leki and use the airfoil aluminum shafts.  I managed to bend one pair a tad, but for the most part they are pretty stout and light weight.   I bought my girlfriend a pair of Blizzard aluminum poles, they are some of the stiffest poles I have ever seen.
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Originally Posted by snofun3 View Post

I have had more failures of the interchangeable baskets on the levelnine "Royal Shaft" poles in 3 seasons than I've had in 40 years of skiing with other poles. I'm sitting here with one that's lost one "ear" of the powder basket missing, and another that the whole basket separated from the threaded piece today.

I wouldn't trust them if they were my backcountry poles.

Amen...lots of problems with those poles here as well.

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I use the third option - aluminium.  smile.gif

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I buy my poles for a buck a shaft at the Senior Rummage Sale or yard sales. I get what fits and what feels good.


Composite will deal with hitting things like trees, limbs, etc. better as they won't ding and compromise the structural integrity of the shaft as will happen with aluminium.


My everyday poles are aluminum. So are my racing poles. I had a pair of Excels until a snowboarder rode into them and broke one of the shafts.

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Scott Series 4 poles are the best aluminum poles made - very stiff and tough. Much better than whippy wimpy composite. I also safety wire my powder baskets after having baskets come off in breakable crust.

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Every aluminum pole I have had has ended up bent or broken, sooner rather than later.  Probably a combination of my skiing, where I ski and the poles I purchased (mostly inexpensive).  


Switched to Goode Carbon 10.4 poles three years ago and they seem to be indestructible.  They absorb shock well without being flexible or whippy in any way.  Hard to believe they could be broken by human interaction.  Lots of people have borrowed them for a run or two and the reaction has always been the same "these are terrific, I need to switch".  YMMV


Disclaimer - These are the only composite poles I have tried,  they are real carbon,  solid carbon.


Fiberglas, painted or dyed poles will not be anywhere near as strong - not even close.  Goodes are the real deal.  


Hope I haven't jinxed myself.

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I have some Goodes and couple pairs of older aluminum ones.  In spite of never following the "remove pole straps from wrist" loading rules, my favorite 30 year old poles are still straight as arrows. Almost sheared them off a couple of times falling on them or catching the lift.. but not yet thanks to the breakaway/safety straps haha.  Honestly, what I most like about my favorite poles is the nice, wide LEATHER straps that are molded to my palms perfectly.  Durability doesn't seem to matter because I've found that letting go of them under duress keeps them from bending or breaking as long as the straps pop out of the handles the way they are designed to when caught on or under something. 

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I've always gone with the aluminum ones just because they are cheaper and I like the fact that they don't flex much.  I have never seen the benefit to dropping more than $30 on poles just for them to get bent and scratched up

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Originally Posted by ecimmortal View Post

I'll never understand the point of spending that much money on a ski pole.



Yeah but we're EC tree skiers.  Poles for us are more of a consumable than a permanent purchase, like tires for a car if you will.  You go into a season just knowing you're going to break them and sure enough- the nicer the poles, the sooner I will break them.  It never fails hahaha


That said, I just go with whatever I can find that has the best combo of looking nice and being cheap. smile.gif    Also a can of spray paint can make a $10 pair of poles look like a $150 pair. 

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Originally Posted by Do Work View Post



Also a can of spray paint can make a $10 pair of poles look like a $150 pair. 

And vise versa

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Originally Posted by RatherPlayThanWork View Post

And vise versa




"Duh" post of the decade right here. 

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