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Weekend at Bernies?

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Women arrested in UK for taking corpse onto plane

LONDON — Police have arrested two women at an British airport after they reportedly tried to smuggle a corpse onto a flight.

Police said Tuesday the women were detained at Liverpool's John Lennon airport "on suspicion of failing to give notification of death" of a 91-year-old man.

The BBC and other British media reported that the women placed the man, a relative of theirs, into a wheelchair and covered his face with sunglasses in a bid to get him aboard a flight to Berlin.

The women, aged 41 and 66, were detained Saturday and have been released on bail. They have not been charged and police say inquiries are continuing.

Were they John Lennon glasses like Bernie's?

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Now, do you think the person in the next seat would have noticed?????

And, I wonder if this has happened before without being discovered.
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