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Bootfitting glue?

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 I've had quite a bit of custom work done on my boots so far, and I'm quite happy with the results.  However, the spring conditions this season have caused a lot of moisture (yeah, I know - it's yucky sweat) in my boots, and some of the custom padding on the outside of the liner delaminated.  What glue do you guys use for this purpose?  I'm too far from either one of the shops which have worked on my boots in the past.

The boots in question are '08 Tecnica Agent, and the liner has a metallic silver look, so it might be the reason the pads are not sticking too well.

I'd greatly appreciate a source with a link, so I can order the stuff and fix my boots in time for the spring convention at Squaw.

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dry the liners out all the way, then contact cement the liner/parts.   let it dry 100%, then attach.
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the metallic material on your boot is difficult to get glue to stick to. especially as it gets old and grimy in the boot.

take some 220 grit sandpaper and abrade the area that you are going to glue. clean area with rubbing alcohol (low impact) or work very quickly with acetone(high impact, will eat the coating of the metallic stuff if you do not move very fast.)

when completely dry thinly coat both surfaces with high strength contact cement. let dry until no longer tacky, then press hard to bond the 2 surfaces.

or come see us when you get to tahoe and we can make a solid fix for you.

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Thank you mntlion and jim - good information.  I'll see how good a job I can do - don't want to waste any snow time in tahoe.
But I'll try to visit the store one of the evenings.
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