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You guys must be having troubles

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Numerous page load errors and when I tried to click the page load error thread I got  load error reports.  Too funny for us ,for you folks probably a bit frustrating

Good luck you guys(gals), you'll get it done.
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The engineering team just deployed a temporary fix for the issue so things should be looking a bit better now.  They'll be taking a closer look in the morning first thing to make sure we really have the issue nailed down.  If you see the problem again, please post the URL of the page where you saw this issue along with the error message.  Apologies for the inconvenience!
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I'm having trouble with all the crap that loadsin the background, tradex yeildmanager.........freezes the screen, really annoying with the sound on. Windows xp, IE. I noticed windows updated asomething now i have windows security alerts, didn;t have that before, maybe it's fighting my norton for dominace (spell check not werking iether) . I'm heading over to the padded room to catch up on current events. All this screen freezing releaseing is driving me nutz.
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I am wondering if Huddler is just way over it's head with this application.?Constant error messages of many forms ,parts of pages such as the new threads filled in not by content but by error messages on the bottom of the forum page and numerous other problem including threats to our personal computers from the content found here.

Are you  Huddlerfolks learning as you go and are you going to call this beta for how long. If this  a practice. learn as you go project why did Epic even get involved with a company with such a short track record  ? 

It's not my site , I am just a guest but these troubles seem to be multiplying and maybe this was just a big mistake and Huddler just isn't a reliable platform and it's management is just not up to the challenges of running this site.

Have we been sold an unreliable, ill formatted ,mismanaged platform or are these folks incompetent ?

Not blaming but why tiptoe around this any longer when it seems to be getting worse.If  I had  discovered such functionality of my employees or contractors work I would have fired them by now and had plenty of time to recover from this mistake.

We have such well intentioned folks trying to improve this site I just feel they were  misled and sold a poorly designed bit of technology.

Please explain why we should not be perplexed by this decision in reflecting on the continued misoperation of this platform .
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As announced, on Monday April 5 we did a platform release, which has yielded some great new functionality but as always is the case, did cause some problems related to integrating the new with the old, i.e., bugs. The engineering team has been fixing these bugs all week. We appreciate reports of anything that seems awry, along with your OS and browser, so we can try to replicate the problem and design a fix. I wish we could get these releases perfect right out of the chute, and I assure you that we wouldn't go live with a new release if we didn't think it was darn close, but at some point you have to take the prototype out of the lab and beta test it. 

Huddler does not own or manage EpicSki. Huddler is our technology partner. EpicSki is wholly owned by EpicSki and as president, I am the chief decision-maker. If you're looking for a scapegoat, look no farther than me. 
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No need . I was commenting from where I sit not knowing the details . From our viewpoint the effort seemed less than well conceived. I wish for the best for Epic and write only from that standpoint.
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