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Boot question

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 I'm very new to snowboarding-- only been once so far, but I really liked it and want to continue. However, I want to get my own boots since I have a low volume foot and the rental boots were too big in the heel and too wide for me---plus I use custom footbeds in my ski boots and think I need them in snowboard boots as well, as I ended up with arch strain in my left foot. Anyway, I've been doing some reading and some places say that not all boots are compatible with all bindings . . . .is this still true ( I was thinking they may be referring to older step in bindings)? So my question is, if I want to buy boots but am not yet ready to purchase a board, am I likely to run into compatibility issues between the bindings and any boots I might get? I was hoping to just get boots for now and continue to rent for a while until I improve and have a better idea of what I want in a board. Thanks.
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 Step in bindings had to have matching boots designed for those bindings. Not an issue anymore. Bindings do come in different sizes. So with very few exceptions any boot will fit in any correspondingly sized binding. Personally, I don't think footbeds in snowboard boots impact performance like they do for ski boots, but I do where custom footbeds in my snowboard boots for comfort. You've got a good plan.
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