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Do other resorts do this?

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I just got back from skiing "employee day" at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Jackson does something that I'm wondering if very many other resorts do...

Yesterday (April 4) was closing day at JHMR for the 2009-2010 season.  Naturally, we closed with more new snow and full-on winter conditions.  Almost 60 inches of snow in the last week and we're now under a winter storm WARNING as well as a heavy snow watch.

Anyway, the last day for the public was yesterday, but the ski area was open today for a select few.  JHMR opens from 9:00am to noon on the Monday after closing day for two classes of people:  Employees of the ski corporation and for season passholders who skied at least 100 days this season (I saw Skiing-in-Jackson and his daughter up there ).

It's a very cool thing that the ski corp does in appreciation of their employees and their "best" customers.  A bunch of us were on the first tram this morning and it was spectacular.  It was powder, poor visibility, windy; JUST the way Jackson Hole skiers like it.

I just love the fact that our ski corp does this and I was wondering if other resorts do anything similar.
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Taos Ski Valley does the same thing but for employees only. I think they also have free catered food. The ski patrol also pulls all the ropes Sunday and Monday so you can ski stuff that hasn't been open all year. Must be nice!
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Our areas are still open, and extending their seasons . Soooo not sure.
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Originally Posted by ecimmortal View Post

Our areas are still open, and extending their seasons .

That's nice.

We have to walk for our turns now.

Although I'm probably skiing Targhee this Wednesday, assuming the forecast for the mother of all snowstorms comes true.

(Like THAT ever happens.)
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Sunlight does this. Today was our Employee day. Although last week we made the decision to reopen for this coming Saturday and Sunday.
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Aspen too!  Buttermilk and Highlands closed yesterday.  Snowmass and Aspen Mountain close for the regular season 4/11.   4/12 Snowmass will open the Summit  and Big Burn lifts for employees and their guests.

Aspen will reopen 4/17-18 & 4/24-25.
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I hear you about hiking for turns. The thing I love about when the mountain closes is that if the snow falls, you can hike it and ski it with pretty low avy danger as compared to true BC conditions. Of course that's a big caveat because if you get a 3 foot dump that is still a pretty dangerous slab in itself.
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The local hill use to do this for employees but now I think it's just a dinner.  As far as the season pass holders...well I am convinced they would prefer it if we didn't exist.  They did have a pre-season get together this year but it's been a while since they showed any appreciation for those that have supported them many many years.
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Bridger is on its second of two Customer Appreciation Days today. Lift tickets are $30 and services are limited. Slausman's was open Monday but closed Tuesday due to a winter storm, which concentrated a lot of skiers on Pierre's, which unfortunately broke down for some time, sending everyone to Bridger. It was one of the best closing days ever.
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Moonlight Basin does it too.  

Copper Mountain does the coolest employee thing I've seen.  They do a progressive dinner party, probably this week in fact, that visits about 3 locations on the mountain.  Usually starts with wine and cheese (and beer) at T-Rex around 3pm, followed by soup (and beer) at Flyers, followed by appetizers (and beer and shots) at Solitude, followed by dinner (and wine and beer and shots) at one of the base area facilities.  All told, the employees get to ski about 4 hours on the mountain after hours when it's closed.  
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Buck Hill used to do that for a few hours on either Christmas or New Years.
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Who runs the lifts if all the employees are skiing?
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Keystone does as well but just for employees. Not sure about the other Vail mountains, but I'd guess that most of the employees will be skiing A-Basin, Breck, or Vail instead. This year's left Summit County hurting, Keystone moreso than anywhere else.
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Bridger has employee day after we close. We ski for a half on the Pierre's Knob lift and then ski down for a free lunch, beer, and awards ceremony. The skiing was excellent last Wednesday on employee day. At Bridger the department heads run everything, cook and serve the food, the employees just play and eat.
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Big Mountain has an employee picnic of some kind that even applies to people who volunteer for Dream (working with disabled skiers).  I've never been, so I don't know much, but it's after season close.  I think it's up at the Summit and they run the lifts and ski, but beyond that I don't know anything.
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Originally Posted by Walt View Post

Who runs the lifts if all the employees are skiing?

Damn good question!
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Santa Fe sometimes will run the lifts after take-down is done if the snow is good, but it's pretty much spur of the moment.  

Originally Posted by Walt View Post

Who runs the lifts if all the employees are skiing?

Not all the employees are skiing - think short straw or loser in rock-scissors-paper.  
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mount hood meadows does with some bbq or other fare too.
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Breck does an employee/family day after closing.
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Ski liberty (Gettysburg Pa) often does.    

Sad, not this year....3" of rain killed the season and our day.
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Schweitzer had it's employee ski day today.  I wasn't there but they only ran a lower lift.  We've had some good snow this last week but things crusted up on Sunday (last day for the general population) and I expect the same was true today.
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Here is the email I got from the local hill about how they marked the end of their 30th season.  I'm glad to see them do this for the employees who bust their butts for the 3 months they are open.  I would an average weekend crowd this year was upwards of 5000 people with holiday weekends being more like 7,000+

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