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Lookout Pass FREE day with GarryZ

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GarryZ and I skied Lookout Pass today on the last day of their season.  It was free, so that made it even better.   The snow was PERFECT although a bit soft by almost 2 pm, but still edgable and lovely.

Here's some morning corduroy.  Mmmmm, delicious!
Lookout Pass Easter Sunday 2010 005.JPG

 Some of you know that GarryZ has accused me of pushing him down while exiting the lift.  Here he is getting up after biffing it once again.  That's 3 times in 2 days of skiing that he's fallen and blamed me.

Lookout Pass Easter Sunday 2010 016.JPG

For proof of my innocence, I offer this record of  admission that he's just into 'Stupid Human Tricks' and is the master of that genre.

Later, we found some tree skiing to be satisfactory.  Here's GarryZ pushing the envelope of safety.   Look for the space between the trees, Dude!

Lookout Pass Easter Sunday 2010 027.JPG

It was a difficult trail to navigate, but he made it out with nary a scratch.  Good job, Ace.  And nice form.   Let's go ahead and do an MA on this, shall we?  

Lookout Pass Easter Sunday 2010 028.JPG

He inspired me to greater heights, too, so I gave the tree skiing a shot.  Here I am contemplating a rather daunting prospect.  Note the look of concentration on my face as I search for the best route around this towering pine.

Lookout Pass Easter Sunday 2010 029.JPG

Success!  Celebrate!!  I ROCK!!
Lookout Pass Easter Sunday 2010 030.JPG

GarryZ is so excited that at lunch, he gnars the shed.
Lookout Pass Easter Sunday 2010 033.JPG

And we both shredded the gnar on Moose Lips.  I was going to make a rather lewd picture about this trail, but I was talked out of it.   I must be getting old. 

Lookout Pass Easter Sunday 2010 026.JPG

Here's GarryZ in the real gnar.   Soft and smushy, it was.  He rocked it. (He's on the left, and pardon my language, kiddies!)

And one last video, here I am on the trail next to where he skied.   It's got its own soundtrack......Chester the Molester was shooting the video.  MA, anyone?

All in all, a fun day!  Pete No. Idaho and friends were there, too, but we kept missing each other.  They had just as much fun poaching the timber.  Whee!
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We cruise the corduroy.

And the Master of Gravity, on the same trail, complete with snowmobile sound effects:

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 Bonni, its exciting to see you out enjoying the snow again. YAY!!!
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Bonni must have heard about our next contest...stay tuned!
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Very impressive Bonni!!!!!   After the set backs you have experienced, its' great to see ya enjoying the snow again...btw, ya lookin real good out there!   Looks like Gary is one helva skier also, that junk bump run was great!  Great vids, I must get into this century..snap shots just doesn't do the trick anymore!  Thanks for posting!
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Looked like a great day, on the boarder, at Lookout.  You two put down some darned fine turns with the mandatory smiles.  Coming back from a major injury takes some time and some heavier snow is always a great test and confidence adder.

You have to love that hill for their ways of giving back to the community, their kids programs are famous over there.  With the little bit more elevation they get some darned fine pow too. 

You have bagged Mt. Spokane, Silver and Lookout just 2 more left to sample; 49   Degrees and Schweitzer to go (great candy left there).   Are you still looking to go after them all this season?
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49 is closed, Schweitzer is open for another week, but I'm not worried about skiing there this year.  There's next year.  I've skied them all at one time or another.   Time to start moving WEST and check out those areas between Spokandyland and Seattle. 
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We had fun, can you tell ?

She missed the tree picture a bit since  there was an enormous huck in there also but she was too late

We shredded the gnar ,gnared the shed and made fools of ourselves all day long. It was fun of the highest degree.

Lesson to others ,when doing spins don't let your pole touch the ground before your skis do.
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Good Pic's Bonni and Garry, sorry you had to take off early.  Would have enjoyed chair 3.

Bonni is skiing great !!
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