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Demo Day: Several 2011 skis

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 Went to Demo Day at Alta today.

Conditions: 7" overnight, about 40" in last 2-3 days.

Me: Age 37, 5'11", 210 lbs, Level 7-8 or so

Normal skis: Ski 75% of my 55 (so far) days in Utah on my 181 K2 Coombas. Also own 190 Volkl Gotamas (gold ones), 185 Atomic Snoops (1st generation) and 174 K2 Outlaws. 

Goals: Need a longer/wider coomba for big powder days. Wanted to try a 188 coomback or darkside, but K2 was not there today.

186 Rossi S6. Wanted to try the S7, but they were all out. I didn't know anything about this ski before today, but I loved it! The Rep said it has tip and tail rocker and traditional camber underfoot. It looked pretty traditionally shaped to me except for the mild rocker (more like early rise). Took about 1/2 a run to get used to, but then it was money. A little stiffer than my coomba (but not too stiff). The raised tip allowed me to really open up in powder/crud without sitting back at all. Felt really good on the minimal groomed I did as well. This ski is a winner! Could be a good everyday Utah ski.

186 Volkl Gotama. I tried this ski to compare my older gotamas. The Rep said the 2011 is very similar to the 2010. I did not like it at all. Maybe not enough sidecut for me, but I had a hard time turning. Just felt like they didn't want to get on edge for me.

181 Icelandic Nomad. Tried this ski for a little something different. traditional shape with very little (if any) camber. My 10 year old son was on the 156 nomad all morning, and he loved them, so I thought I would try them too. They didn't blow me away, but I did love them in the trees off wildcat. They turn on a dime in deep snow. I liked the flex, but they felt a little short in open powder fields.

182 Salomon Shogun: Tip rocker, twin tip. These felt way too short for me. They didn't have the 191 length. Very unstable and I couldn't get used to the shape. Returned ASAP.

After the morning I decided I was wasting too much time changing skis out on a powder day and jumped on my coombas for the rest of the day.
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 Just realized this should be in Gear reviews. Sorry. Maybe someone can move it.
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