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Free Vail Lift Tickets!

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I have come into possession of a number of free lift tickets which must be used before the end of this season.

I also have a number of $45 discounted lift tickets as well!
So- any Bears coming to ski with Bazzer and the gang on 4/6 or 4/8-9 are welcome to them! First come, first served!

Get 'em while they are hot... must be present to win!

(if any happen to be left over after this week, maybe I can help out some of the crew which are arriving for the last week we are open.)

BTW- it's still snowing here!
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Pm Sent.. offering bribes of free beer.......
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 Hurry on out Finndog. Looks like we may get a substantial dump beginning tonight.
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Bazz' I have to go to dallas Sunday/Monday on business- Wednesday AM I fly out..... I am getting there as fast as i can....
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Still a few free tix left, but they are going ! Better be quick if you are going to be here in the area!

Must be present to win!  (meaning you have to actually be here to take them from my hand)
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 See you Thur-Sun next week. 
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 One of these years I'll show up and take a few of those tickets from you.
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 Ill be there!!!

PM sent! :)
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With all the freebies gone after the day we all skied together, I still had a stack of $45 coupons left. You should have seen the looks on peoples faces in the ticket window line on closing day, as I went up to them and handed them these coupons. Many were unsure or incredulous... "No joke", I told them... "I just hate to see these coupons go to waste..."

Better than paying the $80 being charged on closing day...

Hopefully I'll be able to help out again next year...
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^VSP, Kahrma is real!  Let it come back 10 fold.
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Originally Posted by 4ster View Post

^VSP, Kahrma is real!  Let it come back 10 fold.

Really. A big to VSP....Ooops. 
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post

Really. A big to VSP....Ooops. 

Oh, so wrong but oh so funny!

VSP - way to go, you started some closing day off on a fantastic foot for a few lucky people. 
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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post


(I hope that's not considered taunting)
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