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Another race question

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Over the past couple years or so I've noticed a lot of the serious club and recreational racers have switched from GS skis to slalom skis. I'm refering to the easier GS courses like Nastar and club racing. All of the top finishers in my league are on Salomon 3V's or Atomic 9.16's around 170 to 176 in length. I've done well this year on my 180cm 10.20's, but not good enough. I'm not as clean and of course my times suffer.

Next season I want to be on a full blown race ski. I'm soliciting suggestions. The Stockli Laser SC has me interested. This year it comes in 168 or 178. Don't know about next year. What length should I go for? Occasionally I do race slalom, but only when I have to. What other race skis should I consider? Demoing is not an option. I'll just make a choice and go with it.

I'm a good racer now, (respectable I guess) and 5'8" and 180lbs. Thanks for any replies.<FONT size="1">

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Based on NASTAR or NASTAR-type courses I've skied at Wachusett, Bretton Woods, Bradford, Waterville, Sunapee, and Pats Peak, I've found that my Atomic sl skis are best in some courses and my gs skis are best in other courses. And at some race hills, it depends on how they set the course that particular day.

That said, something like the Atomic 9.20 might be the best choice. Alternatively, get the Atomic 9.16 sl with the Atomic bindings (not that you have any choice on bindings), and the feature of moving the binding back & forth can help make the ski more stable if you encounter a course that's a little faster than usual.
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Thanks for the reply.

I'm not too sure about the 9.20. It has the same turn radius as the 10.20. I don't think they'd be a whole lot different unless I go with a 170cm. The better racers seem to be holding better turns on a tighter turning ski like the 9.16. That's kinda why I'm considering the Stockli. In a 178 length it has a turn radius of 15 meters! A serious side cut there. The Stockli seems to be the best of both worlds, slightly longer, but a wicked turn radius.

The 9.16 Atomic also has my attention. You think 170?

Moving the binding around on my 10.20 screws me up. I moved it back for a steep Super G type race this past weekend and it cost me. The ski handled different and I couldn't control it in the heat of the race. I should've left it alone.
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I am skiing the laser SC in a 178 and find that it rips in race courses. I'm 5'10" 210lbs (on a good day), and have yet to find the speed limit on the ski. It will not change one bit for next year, even the graphics are the same. the 178 has a 15m radius, the 168 is 13m, the 158 is 11m. I sold a pair of 158s to a guy my size for slalom, he was very happy but definitely knew it when he got into the backseat.

My advice to you would be the 178, you can use it in just about any course (SL or GS). Feel free to emaill me if you have any questions (stockli_oregon@hotmail.com)
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