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K2 Hellbents (From a girl's view)

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Here's my rather coloful review I originally wrote for The Ski Diva the other day...

In my quest to try a pair of rocker powder skis, I had an opportunity to ride these today.

Rider: 5'2, 115# advanced rider. Likes to ski powder and loves her 159 K2 Missbehaved as an all-mountain ski.

Ski: 2010 K2 Hellbents in a 169, mounted +3 on Marker Schizo bindings.

Testing Terrain: We received the biggest dumpage of the year (9-13 inches) so needless to say, I was skiing some form of powder (deep and smooth, buttery, chop, fresh) where ever I went (trees, groomers off-piste, bowls).

Thoughts: When I went to bed last night, it was snowing at the house, so I knew that it would be good at the mountain. I rolled out of bed at 7 this morning to see 9 inches of fresh snow had arrived at the mountain. I quickly cleared my daily calendar by calling in and stating that I had an appointment that I had to keep and couldn't make it in for my allotted volunteer time at school(they didn't need to know that my appointment was with an exceptionally obese pair of fat sticks...hey I was somewhat truthful). I shuttled the kiddos off to the bus and headed up to the mountain for my appointment. As I pulled the skis out of the car, I was glad that we had moved the bindings forward the night before. I was borrowing the skis from a friend who had the mounts set at +0. Given I weight about 50lbs less and am about 7 inches shorter, I decided that +3 seemed a good place to start. That is the K2 factory recommended mount.

The ride up on the chair was pretty funny. The amount of real estate taken up by us was ridiculous with my DH K2 Gyrator powder snowboard, myself on the Hellbents and our two friends riding a pair of K2 Pontoons and a pair of Line EP Pros between them.

Back to the ski itself...the first run we took was a big open run with a steeper face midway through the run. I was a little intimidated by the ginormous tips (not to mention the demonic graphics on the top sheets staring up at me) but when we measured the actual effective edge on these, my 159 Missbehaved were yards longer than these. So off I went down the run and run I did. I barely needed to turn these bad boys down the entire run. When I did turn them, it was definately different from my Missbehaved with the tip/tail rocker and camber underfoot....move the hips and turn they do. When I reached the steeper face, I usually make several turns down it but not with these...If I had anymore float, I'd be flying through the air. DH told me that by the time he got his binding on and started his run, I was gonnnnnne, as in he didn't see anything (and he's usually waiting for me).

Since this stuff wasn't that steep, we decided to go to the other side of the moutain and check it out. Unfortunately I think every regular in town had the same idea because by the time we got there, it was totally tracked out. We skied down a moderate groomer and these skis kicked my a$$. You can not get in the backseat on these or the skis will shoot out from under you and you'll wind up on your butt. And these are mosterous to turn on the groomer with chopped snow...at 122 underfoot I had to really muscle them over. I was bumping every which way and mentioned something about that run sucking something really gross (think hairy and spherical). Since I'm a glutton for punishment, I let DH talk me into going out to one of the bowls because "no one will go out that far". Hah... it was heavy and choppy until we go into the trees where it was still light and deep. I usually stink in the trees but away I went with the morbidely obese set of sticks strapped to my boots. It was the best I've ever skied in the trees. I was loving the rocker. By the time we got back to lunch, my legs were getting a little tired.

After lunch, we went out for another spin in the trees. The snow was deep and light and again I skied the best I ever have in those trees but my legs were getting tired.

We went back to the other side of the mountain and skied one of the less steep bowls. The snow was fresh and untracked. I was doing well until I ran into DH while he was stopped looking for a line. Ooops...I must be getting tired. This run wasn't as fun because the legs were really burning and I was getting to the point where I couldn't turn the skis anymore. I limped back to the bottom of the run and called it a day. When you can't turn the skis any more, it's time to hang them up.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another powder day and my schedule really is clear so I'm thinking about taking them out again only moving the bindings as far forward as they will go which is +6. There is no way I can dip the tips on these things.

Overall impression: Super fun in deep powder and floaty. Don't get in the rear or they will shoot out from under you. The rocker in the trees rocked but riding the chop on the groomers worked me. My legs are screaming at me tonight. I'm not sure I'd want to ride these in anything other than deeper powder and trees with pow.
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Where were you skiing?
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 +6 will make them much more nimble (+7.5 moreso  ). 

Also, running them flat in chop is a killer. Getting both skis "equally" on edge will make cutup much mellower (even just a little if you are not looking to drive a turn) .
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Hmm, weird on the fatigue part. I thought these would help to make the powder effortless, eliminate the "up and down silliness" that Shane despised and not have to sit in the back seat.
I'd like to try these. What do you think was going on and causing all the fatigue?
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Here's what I look like on them at Mt Bachelor.  I did end up moving them forward to +6 and it was way better.  The ski felt so short. and was much easier to turn but I was still probably a bit tired from the day before.  We did back to back days, all day in powder with 18K and 12K of vert respectively.  (My biggest powder day is probably 19K on my other skis...didn't seem as tired).

squawbomber, Fatigue could have been caused by "fighting" the ride too much.  Turning too much?  Riding too far back cause the speed was a bit freakish as I got more fatigued and pictured myself hurtling into a tree, thus giving me the quad burn?  Bad form?  Sucking in the pow?  Skiing in chopped pow while doing all of the above?  I may not have been able to ride enough in the "sweet spot", thus contributing to the fatigue.  When I did manage to find it, the ride was awesome but as the day went on, I found "the spot" less and less.  They weren't very forgiving to me when as I got tired.  You should try them though.  I could just be me, know what I mean?

I did go out on my other skis today (Missbehaved with camber under foot and rockered tip/tail, 98mm) in 7 inches of new and it is a different ride.  I'm not nearly as tired but the float is not the same.  The quick turning in the trees is different.  Damn near ran into a tree.

Spindrift, equally on edge would probably help through the chop.  It may just be that when it gets that chopped, it's time to change out.
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... you're in the backseat. ^^^ 
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post

... you're in the backseat. ^^^ 
Backseat is the holy crapseat
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Interesting. Maybe that style ski just doesn't suit you, who knows?
Thanks for the comments.
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