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Alta 4/2/10

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I was at Alta yesterday. Bluebird powder day.

Unfortunately, a transformer blew and no power. Stood in the Collins line for a 30 minutes, then jumped to the Wildcat line when they changed to the backup diesel power. However, they only did that to unload the people on the lift. Stayed in that line for an hour hoping they would eventually up-load skiers. Never happened. Word was that they got Sunnyside going so jumped down to yet another line for the rope transfer to Albion base. Finally got there and it was the largest lift line I have ever seen anywhere! In that line for an hour and rode up. Skied over to Cecret lift which was also going but no good terrain of of that lift. Skied down to Alf's at the base of Cecret and Sugarloaf and took a lunch break since it was now almost noon!  Bought a pitcher of beer and had a glass with my two friends. Suddenly the Sugarloaf got started and after about 20 minutes they started to upload skiers. Threw on the jackets and gloves, left the beer for someone else and jumped on the lift. Got a few runs of untouched pow!! Then the board by the lift said they got Collins going and took the EBT return over to Ballroom for more Pow. The rest of the day was great and after a ride up Collins, took the High T out to High Rustler. Steep, soft bumps, utterly fantastic. 

What started out as a bummer of a day turned out to be great since the place had emptied out by the time the lifts were going. They never did get Supreme going but still a great day after all!

The links below are my friends in Ballroom. Not great shots, but my skills as a photographer are very lacking.


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Did it snow all day yesterday?  I was left very early Fri morning and it was snowing very hard.  Sounds like the lift problems are getting worse.  Thursday was crazy crowded as well.  It looks like the powder hounds arrive in the morning, ski it off, and then leave by noon.

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It was bluebird.

It is very typical at Alta for the place to empty out in the afternoon after the powder is "skied out". I think it is nuts but leaves more for me and I actually like the cut up powder anyway.
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 nice vidio... we get the idea... must have had the place to yourself... what a day!
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