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Platform Updates coming Monday!!!

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We'll be doing a push Monday to install the following improvements to the platform--I'm especially intrigued about forum filtering based on tags. Others may be more interested in the ability to put certain users on ignore (or take them off). The new functionality for maintaining our lists is also pretty cool. Have a look at what's new!

  • Creating full lists from one page
    • Instead of hunting for the add to list button on every individual DVD/Ski Resort/Plant page, you’ll be able to easily create your whole Home Theater or Where I Skied in 2010 or My 2010 Garden list in one screen – we’re pumped. List items can still be added from their pages one at a time, but the new interface should be a welcome change.  This new enhancement comes in the form of a search bar directly on the list page which will allow a user to search the entire product database on the site and add items there.
  • Users now have the ability to comment on individual items in their list to add a personal touch.  Full reviews are an essential place for detailed information and opinions, but the commenting system will allow users to make quick notes about the product and how it relates to their List.  
  • Users now have the ability to associate photos with items in the List, as well as the List in general.  For example, a user could upload an image of their own home theater projector set up to show off in their list or even a photo in the user's favorite ski goggles.
  • Users can create List items with free hand text.  While these items will not be associated with product pages, this will allow users to add information about custom or DIY items to their Lists.
  • Each item in a List will have a personalized information page about it.  On this page, users will also be able to see which other Lists on the site from other users have the same product.
  • Forum filtering based on tags
    • When a user is viewing a sub-forum, they will see a drop down at the top of the forum which will allow them to filter the threads shown below based on the most popular tags in that forum.  
    • These can include the 10 most frequently used site tags (or miscellaneous tags), the 10 most frequently used category tags, the 10 most frequently used brand tags, and the 10 most frequently used product tags.
  • Link to "Site Home" within the "More Forums" menu
    • In addition to being able to navigate to the current forum, other forums, and the main forum index, users will now be able to click to the site home page easily with the More Forums menu.
  • Ignore functionality
    • This will allow users to ignore others and have their posts automatically collapsed within a thread
  • Performance enhancements
    • One of the biggest complaints about Huddler from users has been, “sure, it does a ton of new stuff, but who cares if it slows me down.” Frankly, we agree, and while performance tuning is a massive ball of wax, we made great headway in this engineering sprint.  We will now be using cached pages to serve a larger percentage of our content to logged out users, rather than making a call to the database for each of these pages.  This will significantly decrease page load time for logged out users and will aid performance for logged in users by decreasing the demand on the database.
    • One side effect is that related content in right hand column will no longer be displayed immediately on newly tagged threads because of this new caching system.  It will now take up to 24 hours for these to appear.
  • "Move Thread" will now default to have a 30 day redirect
    • Previously, when a moderator selected to move a thread, the Redirect portion of the tool defaulted to opt out of including a redirect.  The default setting will now be for a redirect of 30 days.
  • The "Add To Your List" will no longer by default select a list for you to add a product to.
    • Previously, when a user clicked to add an item to their list, the list selection would be filled in automatically.  After this update, users will now be prompted to select an option from the drop down - this will include their existing lists and the option for them to create a new one.
  • Alt text for feed icons
    • Alt text for the icons in the feed (like the double bubble for threads or the single bubble for posts) will now show text when the icon is hovered over with a user's mouse.  This will help clarify the type of content being displayed in that feed item.
  • Forum name in search results
    • For forum threads, users will now see the name of the forum where the thread is housed in search results.  This will help users identify if they are really interested in the thread well before they click into it.
  • Bug: Image linked to another URL attempting to open light box
    • Images with hyperlinks embedded were getting "confused" and both trying to open the link and the light box for the image.  This has been fixed.
  • Bug: Signature editing causing signature to blank
    • When a signature editor was opened, the existing signature was being removed from the editor.  This has been fixed.
  • Bug: Deleted threads appearing in search
    • Deleted threads were not being removed from the site index.  This has been fixed.
  • Bug: Featured Items tool was not accepting updated images
    • When an admin used the Featured Items tool to modify featured threads, the tool would not accept new home page images for featured threads.  This has been fixed.
  • Bug: FCKeditor sporadically loads incorrectly in Firefox
    • Long term, this a Mozilla Firefox bug but in this update, we are layering in additional checks to help decrease this bug.  We will continue to refine as we get user feedback about when it appears.
  • Bug: Image uploading to product pages caused a broken thumbnail to appear
    • Image thumbnails were not appearing properly when new images were uploaded to product pages.  This has been fixed.

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Thanks for continuing to make improvements and communicating the changes.

One recent thread comes to mind regarding mobile device support. Any changes or plans in this direction? More Bears might actually ski if they could access EpicSki from a chair lift.

Another is the ability to respond to PMs via email without logging in. When out 'product testing', PMs are received on a mobile device and it would be very nice to respond via email or a user request to provide return email address......or some way to facilitate PMs versus emails.
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Thanks for the great suggestions, Terry. Mobile device support is definitely on the horizon. I don't think we've considered your suggestion about enabling users to respond to PMs via their mobile devices. I'll ask one of our technical people to check in here to respond.
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Nolo is exactly right!  Better mobile access is very much in the plans for the future.  We've been talking quite a bit how to handle it and are still strategizing the best solution but I can assure you we definitely want you to be on EpicSki when you've got down time on the chair lift or in the lodge.

Good suggestion about making PM responding easier.  I'll let the team know this is something you're interested in!
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I also noticed something I had never seen before when I was in my profile today.  Not sure when it happened, but thanks.  The ability exists to turn off advertising.  Everything is much faster now, thanks!
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The ability exists to turn off advertising.   
That's a new Supporter benefit!
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Did anyone think of 425.reveler.lc.042210.jpg

on seeing the title?
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Is the dress made of Necco wafers?
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 does the font change whenever you directly copy photo been changed at all?

how about the fact that videos sometimes dont upload as well?
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