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Will Intuition Power Wraps work (well) with Salomon Falcon shell (with Instaprint footbed)?

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Does anyone know if the Intuition Power Wrap liners will fit in the Salomon Falcon, Gun, etc. shells, in particular with a custom footbed like the Instaprint?  This is assuming the same size liner as shell. 

I know this is a low volume shell with a particularly tight instep.  In fact, I have trouble getting my damn foot inside my Guns without prying the lower shell wide open, so wondering if the Power Wrap is a good choice for this shell.

Also other concerns are :
-Will Intuition Power Wraps stiffen up the already stiff Falcon series compared to the stock liner?
-Are Power Wraps high enough in the upper cuff to fit the relatively tall Falcon upper cuff, tongue?
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you should be fine with adding Power wraps.
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thanks...I ended up going through an ordeal with this setup. I went to a reputable store in a major resort town and they sold me some 2006 Fulltilt  Pro liners (on sale for 20% off).  Unfortunately the didn't tell me that it was an older model.  Apparently these maybe lower than the current Power Wrap in cuff height, perhas slightly different foam material and power wrap construction than current model?  They botched the first two cook attempts (didn't use toe cap on one, creases on the other on instep).  On the third (and they said final) attempt they got it to a decent point, but still were some issues :

- With the Instaprints inside, first couple days of skiing had excessive instep pressure, which felt like it came from the sharply angled instep that is inherent to the Falcon.  Went back and they shaved 2mm off my bootboards to lower the whole liner.  Better now, but I can still feel the upper cuff of shell hitting down on instep as I flex forward.  Afraid to shave more of bootboard.  Maybe the sharpl angled shell overlap area can be made less sharp?

- Painful pressure on outer portion of right heel bone (maybe 1" up from sole).  Their guess was that I was flexing forward too much during liner cooldown, lifting that part of the heel up and maybe forward...so maybe liner heel is not backed up into shell heel cup enough..shaving of bootboard alleviated somewhat..I hope I don't run into loose heel pocket issues later.

-right liner is slightly lower than left  barely clearing the cuff.  results in pressure right below calves compared to stock liners which stick up at least 2" higher than cuff.  They couldn't see any folds or creases that would result in this.  Maybe they pulled upward too hard on hot liner on the other foot when fitting and stretched it out taller?

-pretty bad shin bang on lateral side of shins (where it is soft), pretty low.  Because of lower cuff on liner and lack of tongue, forward flex pressure is felt lower on shi and more on lateral side.  Also, pressure at vertical seam of underpart of liner's cuff overlap (which is right in that lateral area).  They put some hard foam shims high and on medial side of liner cuff (outerpart) to redistribute forward flex pressure on shin.  Suggested Instaprint Eliminator if this doesn't work.

If the liner doesn't pack out much more than it has from 2-3 days of hard skiing, I think it will work out.  Main complaint now is just comfort of front cuff of liner, which obviously feels different than the tongue style that I've always known.  That, and slightly too much instep pressure from bottom edge of top cuff of shell bearing down on bottom half of shell right over instep.  Hopefully the 2mm of bootboard shaving will be enough to counter the fact that I have the Instaprint footbeds stuffed inside the liner.  Bottom line : anyone who is doing Falcon shell + Instaprint footbed + Intuition Power Wrap :

It's gonna be tight...intuition "sole" is thicker than stock liners, so footbed pushes foot up a bit, resulting in potential instep issues, particularly with higher arches.  In this case, attempted solution was to lower bootboard..not sureif there are better approaches (probably to lower bootboard BEFORE cooking/fitting.  Also, footbed brings the back of the heel slightly more forward and higher in boot than if no footbed, so it's even more crucial to make sure you get a nice deep heel pocket going during cooking/fitting..otherwise heel of liner may not sit in heel cup of shell deeply enough.
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My experience is that the low volume Power Wrap Plug or low volume Luxury liner from Intuition is a much better match for the Falcon shell.
Usually anything more than 9mm of Ultralon will increase pressure at the instep in a lower volume boot like the Salomon Falcon.
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What do you think about shaving the bootboard down to create room?  If so, how much is the most to shave to accomodate the thicker power wrap liner?
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as with any liner it depends on the foot and how it fits in the shell in the first place... lower instep not a problem, higher instep then it is going to be either tight or excruciating, as has been said the thinner liner may work better for YOUR foot

sounds as though the reputable store didn't really do a good fitting job, it should not take 3 attempts to get a liner right, but difficult to comment further as i do not have your feet and boots in front of me
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