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The British are coming, The British are coming!

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 some fitting music

Awesome last week skiing with some British teens on a school ski trip. My type of kids. saracastic, and dry wit. combined with a willingness to go down anything. Where other people saw bare patches and rocks they saw oppurtunity for air and tigher turns. They worked hard and learned  how to shred the gnar. ;)

So this is is shreding the gnar brit style.

The kids decided to wear their underwear over there snow pants for the last day. they asked if I do it as well. Offcourse I would. Gaper's Fools day with my lesson a first!

Stowe was quite awesome in the morning with low layer cloud level

Adam carving up the Corn under the gondola

Luke sends it proper
but his little brother show some style and some effort with this ollie

we did lots of COM dynamic balance movement stuff it works well in the bumps

Adam's jacket helps him take flight


Luke on the first day looks at my twin tips and ask "can you teach us to do 360s?" sure if you willing to try what I want you to do. he landed this, not many instructor can do 360s so pretty stoked half the class had it at the end of the week.

Ned takes Luke lead and say I can 360 to
Ollie Ollies

Dan and Oscar dont get off the ground, damn trash cans

Slushly bumps are great fun

Luke and his brother Ollie  both race on carpets in the UK

I blame carpet skiing for this odd looking but rather effective carve

 When in doubt air it out

The Gnar of lower Goat is about to be shreded

Luke finding fun things to do on Goat

Sam with some aggression

Ollie shredin up goat

thats all for now, hope you guys enjoy.
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 100% LOL
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"Inside foot pullback" & "little toe edge" to the max!

Looks like a fun week.
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One of your all time great posts!
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What's with all the (young) skiers from UK? I'm at Jay now and there are more skiers with Brit/Welsh accents than French ones. I think it's great for the kids too but I'm definitely very curious.
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They are here in Utah also.
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They were at Killington this week to. Someone said there was a group of 200 staying at the Summit Hotel this week. Must be a holiday week.
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That is a great post.

Looks like it was a blast. I bet is was like skiing with Monty Python!



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 Still smiling from ear to ear. Spectacular post BWIP.
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 Loved it Josh, thanks!
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Great stuff Josh!

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