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Bike shorts on Uranus....

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I don't know if this belongs here or on the Cycling forum but, no, belongs here.

Check out Pearl Izumi's ad for their new cycling chamois (released, naturally, on April 1):

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 Thanks for that!
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Of course, technically speaking, it's worth noting that the planet in the video clip appears to be Saturn. I don't think that there are supposed to be rings around Uranus.

Much as I'd like to, I don't think you can see Uranus in that clip. Can you see Uranus? Can I?

This could get worse (but not much).......

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With a great amount of zeal....Bob you fail. You need to take a closer look at youranus.
Uranus, the planet, is indeed perched on the mountain tops of the solar system. Just as Saturn was twice as far from the Sun as Jupiter, Uranus is twice again as far from the Sun as Saturn: 1.8 billion miles (2.88 billion kms). It has a diameter of 31,770 miles (51,118 kms) - many times larger than Earth - but because of its great distance, it appears as nothing more than a small star in all but the largest telescopes. The photo below was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, showing the planet's faint ring system, and some of its 27 moons.
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Wow--that is way more detail about Uranus than I would have wanted. Who knew? I can't believe that the Hubble telescope can focus in on Uranus like that. From outer space.

Those statistics bring entirely new meaning to the often-discussed term, "gaper."

(And the discussion descends deeper still into the blackness and mire....)

With a name like "Slider," you should not even be posting about Uranus. Or moons.

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Ok I deserved that,I guess. I'm backing out now.
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I may not be smarter than a 5th grader--but we've proven here that 6th graders have nothing on us in this department!

Changing the subject, how's your Aspen?

Best regards,
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Why are there red flair up on Uranus?  Is it okay?

Have not seen this ad on the Science network or Discovery, wonder why?
Originally Posted by slider View Post

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 Why are there red flair up on Uranus?  Is it okay?
Good question, Stranger. 

From the meticulous research described in the video clip, it appears that Dave Zabriskie (founder of "D'z Nuts" chamois cream) has a solution, in any case. He aims to put his Nuts on Uranus, anticipating that it will bring some sort of relief. 

For Dave's sake, I hope that it works. From the video report, it appears he's heavily invested in this stuff--well on his way to Uranus--"all in," so to speak.

Best regards,
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I did the backside of Bachelor last week. It wasn't as good as Uranus though.
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I know what you're saying, Slider. But there's nothing like the backside of Mary Jane under a full moon.
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 DZ can put his nuts on Uranus, but he'd better stay away from mine!
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WARNING! Step away from that keyboard. There is nothing you can say about Squaw that is printable here. WARNING!
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I think Bob's had a few cocktails today.
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I was in graduate school when the rings around Uranus were discovered.  An astronomer from Lowell Observatory was giving a talk on it, and we thought it was an April Fool's joke!

Nice picture Slider.
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