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FS: 09 Volk Kiku 168cm

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These skis have been skied 2 half days and are in "like new" condition, with Griffon Bindings.
Mounted for a 276 BSL, 1 cm forward
A marginal snow year has left them relatively unused, and I think they need a home that will give them the attention they deserve.
$425 shipped anywhere in the continental US,  will ship elsewhere but may need to add shipping cost.
08-09 Kiku(non rockered) 
  • 133-105-124
  • 168 cm
  • 21.1 TR
  • Sensor wood core, Twin Tip, Power construction

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My wife may be interested in these, but they might be a bit long for her.  She's a 5'4" 116lbs upper intermediate.  Will this be too much ski for her?  Also, she has a BSL of 282mm.  Do you know if there is enough adjustment in the Griffons or will a remount be necessary?  Thanks...
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 There is enough adjustment on the Griffons for the BSL adjustment.  I'm not sure about her ability and if this ski will suit her needs, but  my stats are 5'6" 130 lbs, advanced skier.

Hope this helps.
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are these still available
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 Yup, still available.
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Thank you

I will confirm with my wife and let you know first thing tomorrow.
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Sorry it took so long to get back to you,

I checked with my wife and she does not think our daughter is ready for this ski.

Good luck with these anyway
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 tell your wife to call me and I'll convince her that your daughter would love these 

Just kidding......hope you find what you're looking for.
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You can have her call me, then.  I bought a pair in the same length for my girlfriend, who is still somewhat powder-phobic, and they have been great for her confidence.  These are a solid, predictable ski that handles most powder and crud conditions gracefully.
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Rio, I couldn't agree more.....
Just wish I had the snow conditions to make them worth while....
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Hi! still available?

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Hi, just sondering if you still have these, and still want to sell???

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