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Foot Cramping before and after custom footbed

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I originally bought some Technica Diablos and I think I was fit too large (10.5) and would have major foot crampls 1/2 way through every run.  After every run I would need to unbuckle to move my feet around to remove cramps.  I have since been refitted with some Nordica Speed Machine boots (size 10) with custom footbeds.  The Nordica's have been a drastic improvement but my arches still cramp.  I think much of my problem is genetic - I have a very flat foot, wide at the front and a very narrow heel.  In fact, I have had many running shoes that cramp my foot as well.  Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions to remove foot pain.  There are situations when I am skiing that it is worse than others.  Maybe some of you experts have some suggestions......my pain is worst when I am skiing aggressively in moguls and having to make quick, sharp turns.  Ironically, the second worse condition is when I am skiing very flat catwalks at high speeds.  The remedy for my foot cramps is riding the chairlift and letting my feet and skis dangle.  If I put them on the foot rest my cramping increases.

This is leaving me to half ski days, not becasue of my legs but because of my feet.  I eventually get so tired of cramps that I am left calling it a day.

I have read tonight that there are some foot exercise I should try.  However, those were suggested for diiferent foot cramping issues than I have (I am going to experiment nonetheless).  If you have any suggestions I am all ears (and feet :-D) as I want to have painful free skiing for a day and I'm willing to try anything (I have even considered acupuncture).

Thank you
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welcome to epic ski

something strange is going on to cause that...... have a read of the wiki at the top of the boot guys forum, that should give you a bit of info about if the boot is fitting correctly.....

it may be something to do with the footbed not functionaing properly, it could be tightness in your calf, best solution is to get to a good bootfitter and have them take a look, it may well be a very simple problem which can be easliy solved, but without seeing the feet and the boots it is impossible to say

good luck getting it sorted
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It can happen, but it should be fixable.  I had a similar problem when I had some custom Conformables footbeds made.  They have a seam where the heel and arch material meets the forefoot material and because I have short wide feet that seam was a little further forward on my foot than intended.  

Caused exactly the same problem you're describing.  And it would ease up when the pressure was off of the bottom of my feet.

The shop made two different sets for me, and while the second was better, it didn't fix it.  Ended up just returning them and going back to my old trim to fit inserts that didn't have the seam.  Work with your bootfitter.
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I suffered the same problems the begining of this year. As the year went on my pain decreased and now I don't have it at all...So what changed?

I think I just became a better skier. and i'm more relaxed from head to toe. I know for a fact that was trying to curl my toes because I was tense.

I also adhere to a ritual that helps not just my feet. I make sure that i'm super hydrated. I noticed that my feet cramped easier when I was less hydrated. I cut out coffee on the way to the hill as it tends to dehydrate me. I also drink a bottle of water up my first lift, and try to keep hydrated througout the day.

I also take ibuprofen. It's an anti-inmflamatory, not a pain killer. So again this helps with all my muscles. keeps me going throughout the day. And it also keeps my old knee's going.

Lastly. STRETCH! Not some kooky ski's on stretch like the 6 days a season gapers do to look cool. But a full on stretch. I do it when I get out of bed in the morning. Full body, 15 minutes. paying special attention to my feet, and lower legs. The stretch again in the parking lot.

But it alls go back to the first thing I think. Just be a little more relaxed.

Of course you could have full on boot fit issues, but i'm no expert there
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