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Oh behave, Breck

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Misbehavior on 'Gaper Day' could mean a ski season ban

"A gaper is a person who drives along a highway and who is gaping at the mountains and slowing the traffic," explained Kim Green, with the Breckenridge Police Department.
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Aww, let them "play on" as long as it is in jest and not genuinely mean spirited, really hurtful, or outright dangerous..
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I think Gaper Day happens at more than Breck. 

I was riding up a lift at Steamboat last season with a person who's really high up on the staff there. They mentioned the upcoming Gaper Day and what happened the year before. They planned to have the hill really staffed to prevent a repeat of the year before.

This is pretty funny from a few years ago.
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 I had fun at Gaper Day today!  Even skied some powder.
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