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Atomic X Race Bindings

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Does anybody know anything about the new Atomic Bindings for 2010-11?   From what I understand, they are replacting the Race 6-10s and 10-18s with a new binding called X-race?
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seen them, looks like an offshoot of the Neox, look cheap...
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It's just another race binding that has more granular front/back adjustment than the 6.14 or 10.18.  According to the 2011 catalog I saw, though, 6.14 and 10.18 will still be available...

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the X series bindings have a lateral adjustment allowing the binding to be toed in or out by a few degrees, not cheap!! as well as the fore aft adjustment
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Quote: Amer Sports
Atomic will introduce a brand new family of X race bindings (X20RS, X18, X16, and X12) for the 2010/11 season. In addition to being adjustable lengthwise along the ski, the binding can also be adjusted laterally.

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Only the X20RS will have the lateral adjustment. The rest will not have this feature.
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