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From the perspective of the "client", that sounds like perfection.
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I'll throw in with the BobandTom bandwagon. We need someone in at least nominal charge of this thing to get the most out of it.

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As I said, I'm not a Solitude local so my opinion is just that. Si has clearly skied Solitude more than me and his viewpoint should be strongly considered.

I'm all for letting the leaders make a decision and not changing after that. I was under the impression that everything was still in the discussion stages and think that the location of the camp is a very important factor that needs to be decided upon before final commitments are made. It will affect everyone who is thinking of attending.

As far as for the "informal camp" at a resort which does not agree to have us, the opinion I stated is, again just that. If I have misunderstood or misread any previous posts I apologize. I only speak for myself and no others, instructor or non-instructor.

I'll be anxiously awaiting to hear what decisions are made.
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To furthur complicate the discussion; I've skied both Solitude and the Canyons and Lisa Marie would be perfectly at home either place. Both are beautiful.Both have lots of cruisers and steeps. The Canyons is vast; cruisers for days. havn't been up high yet. I'm less familiar with it than Solitude, but I like what I've seen. One difference is location; Alta, Snowbird, Solitude and Brighton are on the frontside(west) slope of the Wasatch and The Canyons, Park City and Deer Vally are on the backside, East slope. So, obviously, the clustered resorts are much handier to each other;You could bus it, or drive in a short time. The frontside generally get's the biggest storms+ lake effect hence the 500+inches opposed to 300 or so. But in late Jan. It shouldn't matter.. maybe. There is about a 45 minute drive from Alta to Park City(easy and sceanic). Anyone staying in Sandy will be much closer to Alta, etc. Park City has all the great bars and nightclubs; but if the bears are looking for a gathering instead of a pub crawl, The Silverfork lodge Si mentioned throws a great banquet. The Peruvian Lodge bar is Alta's finest; The Rustler lodge has a good bar too. Snowbird has pretty much everything. But evening activities should stay up at the resorts, as Salt Lake City.. well, may as well be Oshkosh.

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Originally posted by mike_m:
...I think Bob B's concept for the workshop would be best. Rather than splitting the group into specialized areas of interest (moguls, carving, steeps, etc.)...
I presume your are referring to Bob's post of August 10, 2002 10:22AM in this thread ?

I think he elaborated on this in another post, but I can't find it.

In any case, I am certainly in agreement to what you just outlined.

The fundamentals, are ... well, FUNDAMENTAL. If any group of ski students in the universe should understand this concept, its this group. If I am able to attend and one of you guys/gals tells me that I should work on a gliding wedge all week on a green slope, you know what I'll do ... I'll work on a gliding wedge all week on green slopes.

I would add that its not particularly important to me if a given group stays at one mtn or samples a new mountain each day. I lean a bit towards the former for logistical simplicity, but wouldn't have any real objection if people wanted to wander over to other resorts. Besides, isn't that what "Part II" is for?

Tom / PM

PS - I really feel bad that I can't commit until the date gets much closer. This really sounds like it will be an "Epic" learning event.

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The snow is more likely to be reliable at Solitude at that time of the year. Solitude is closer to the area where I've booked lodging since the gathering will be at least BASED at Alta.

I'm hoping that this will be nailed down soon and progress then can be made on other aspects of the clinic.
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Just my own $.02...

My vote also goes for Tom/Bob. They are perfectly suited to handle the assignments, assuming they're interested in taking on the responsibility.

My Canyons/Solitude vote would go with Solitude. Prosper, I have to wonder who you skied with on your visits there. There's quite a lot of pretty serious steep terrain (trees, chutes, rocks, etc) that is *very* easily accessed inbounds. The Canyons might have more or longer groomed runs, but Solitude gets more snow (on average) and has some kick-butt terrain.

I've skied both a fair amount and prefer Solitude.

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I just put in a call to Mike Gore The VP of skier operations at Solitude Hope to be hearinng back from him soon, Also in my message to him I gave the web addy for here so he can see what a fine group od skiers we are......... Or was that a Big mistake
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I've already talked to Mike, David, and Gary DeSeelhorst. They are looking to Leif in regards to "approving" holding the academy at Solitude. JJ (director of marketing) also knows about this.
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Could you please keep me posted on your discussions with Leif. If he has a problem it might effect a couple of things.

Thanks Much
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Originally posted by Rick H:
I have a concern! Everyone is talking about bumps and steeps. No one is talking about the Lisas who will be attending that are pure intermediates. These folks are the ones we should focusing on. Moreover, these very same people will start to shy away from us, as they will assume that we don't care about them.

My focus, as an instructor is, first-timers through intermediate skiers. Give me a terminal wedger and he/she will be skiing parallel by noon!

As to areas. As long as we have Green and Blue runs that are 40-60 meters wide, I could care less where we have it. Most areas in the SLC area have plenty of Black runs. So what is the problem?

Let's stop the area squabble and make some hard and fast decisions.
Rick - don't fret - if I can find the money you guys got me - I'm can keep ANY instructor occupied for AGES - just trying to make me behave myself...
after all how many of your students 'squeal' all the time???? - truly I do squeal
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My vote definately goes towards Alta. Alta will most likely have more powder then the Canyons will, and maybe more the Solitude. The Canyons has a terrain park, which Alta doesn't, but for some reason I don't think many of you Epic skiers would be interested in that. I haven't been on this site long though, so I really have no idea. I skied at Solitude once a long time ago, so I don't recall exactly what it was like. But I do know that Alta has beginner/intermediate slopes as well as advanced steep stuff. As well as NICE powder. Oh, and I am not sure yet, but I may be getting a job at Alta, so as far as arranging things or whatever I could be of some help.
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and one more thing, somebody mentioned something about having everyone lodge up by Solitude. I don't know if anyone realizes this, but it costs WAY more to stay some place up in the canyon then in SLC. I know not everyone is made of money, so I am just letting everyone know you will spend much less for lodging staying somewhere in the Salt Lake Valley.
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Hello Tara,

Welcome! The concept was to choose a resort for the Epic Academy (Sunday-Wednesday) different from Snowbird/Alta where the "Epic Gathering" will be held (Thursday-Sunday). If you look back in the history of threads on the Academy/Gathering (here and in "Meet on the Hill Planning" you will see that many people probably lean towards staying at the base of the cottonwoods in the valley (Midvale-Sandy) but it is a good idea to remind people of this option. I still am trying to encourage people to contact Dan at the Silver Fork Lodge to see what he might be able to offer up that time of year. If there is a group of a few people who are interested I would be happy to negoitate with him. His attitude seemed to be more accommodating that Solitude's in terms of offering a "deal" on ifaccommodations. This all depends, of course, on whether or not Solitude is chosen as the home base for the Academy.

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Hello all-
Sorry about being absent the past many weeks, but you gotta make hay when the sun shines. Been busier than a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest!
I think Bob and Tom will do a bang up job of creating the syllabus for the Academy. I'm happy to work within the framework they design. (Since presently I don't have a life outside of work)

I'm excited that the energy is picking up up as we get closer to the start of the season, and that I'll finally get to meet many of you whom I've read so much about over the past 5 months.

The start of my season is this coming weekend, with SNIAGRAB in Denver. Every weekend for the next couple months I will be selling ski gear in 90 degree temps.

By the way- I just heard on the news the other evening that the Farmers Almanac is predicting a much colder and snowier winter from Colorado to Maine this year. Here's hoping!!!

My best to all!

: : :

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Just had a thought... every ski resort has a group sales department that exists for only one reason: to attract groups of 10 or more to come to its area. Perhaps Epic Ski representatives could contact the group sales departments at all the major ski areas around Salt Lake City, both for the Academy and the Gathering, and let them COMPETE for our business. They will generally provide discount lodging, lift tix and amenities (happy hours, free access to conference rooms with video equipment, etc.) to groups, and we have a lot to offer them! If we can guarantee a group of, say, 20 to 40, with the potential to increase that number in future years, as well providing them free positive publicity on a web site of over 3,000 members, I would think we could get a very good package offered to us if we agreed to go there, particularly since we are going at a time that is not a high-volume period for business. Most areas need to hustle to fill those beds and sell lift tix at that time. Comments?
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I think that's a better possibility for the future. The difficulty here is that I doubt we can get enough people to commit at this time, especially to staying at a resort when the valley offers such economical lodging opportunities. I did present the offer I got from Solitude along these lines a while back but most people still thought the lodging was much too expensive. BTW if people purchase an Eagle Club Card ($29) for Solitude, midweek prices (during the Academy if it is held there) would be $25/day and the average cost/day would be $35. That's not too bad.

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A good thought, Mike. Get them to compete for us! I think we can get 40 to show up, but let them know we're an annual event on new legs and USE THE SITE as our credential.
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Hi Y'all,

I would really like to nail this down. Only four more months to New years - it really isn't that far off for those who need to plan. AND I'm coming from Colorado, as WTFH put it - what about those from overseas, etal?

Having said that and until it is nailed - here's another thought: Agreed that there is a lot to offer in this geography. My first intro to Utah some 12 years ago was as a participant in a clinic that turned out to be four days - one each at each of the Little and Big Cottonwood resorts. If memory serves, it wasn't as disjointed as ones first thoughts might indicate. Any thoughts

Also, for those so inclined, there is a back country tour of all the resorts. One day all inclusive starting at DV ending at the Bird. It's always intrigued me, but too pricey for my pocketbook. Perhaps there are groupd rates available for this (locals advise, please)?

Mike m - I agree that our numbers would work in our favor. Perhaps someone in the area can take this bull by the horns.

Rick H - I have suggested in another related thread that I would be happy to take the lower end of the participants. Also, depending on the social schedule I could lead an evening discussion. I suppose the latter will fall into place when a leader gets chosen. FYI - I'm in for the Barnes/Birch school should they agree.
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If we can just stick with Solitude and get to work on the OTHER aspects, we can make progress and let people know what to plan on. As has been elequently stated above, to have a clinic, you need ski slopes, and Solitude has them, and it's near cheap lodging in SLC with public transportation to Solitude [and Alta/Bird]. The "wine tasting" can happen during the gathering.

The more we mess around, the more we're frustrating people who want to know - NEED to know - what, when, where, how much. Let's get this nailed downed!
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I hope that there is enough low end Bears that we need more than you and I. I noted that you are at CM. I will be there, 11/21-11/24, attending the PMTS Fall Instructors Camp. Perhaps we can chat.

Bob Barnes, where are you? I would sure like to see your input on all of this.

We also need to stop haggeling about what area we are going to have the clincs. Almost every post has a "I vote for..." We decided some time ago that the clinics would be at Solitude. Let's sttle on that area, unless Si comes up with a reason not to. Let's move on.

We need to settle on an agenda. Who wants to start it?
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Well, Disski claims she's "lower level" but at 50 private lessons a year over a 4 year period, off piste and tree skiing, she's way ahead of me with my 50 ski days toatal. It sounds like Disski and Oboe are at about the same level, which still leaves me by myself.
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LM - not to worry. There's Whistle While You Work, Groovin', Sounds of Silence, any of the season symphonies (if you can whistle - HEY -Maybe we'll have a clinic on whistling?), Magic Bus has a great sentiment for powder! - etc.
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Originally posted by ziggyskier:
HEY -Maybe we'll have a clinic on whistling?
Better idea, how about having a clinic in Whistler, say 6-13th December? I mean, that's only 100 days away

LM, don't worry, you won't be the worst skier - I write considerably better than I ski, and, if you allow for the fact that most of the time I write garbage, well, you can easily surmise what my skiing is like.

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I happened to talk to Peter Keelty today and suggested he take a look here about the Academy and gathering. If people want I could explore with him the possibility of getting some demo skis for the Academy? (For those of you who don't know about Peter take a look at his website: techsupportforskiers.com
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I throw my stinky mtb glove into the ring for the Burch/Barnes ticket
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Is mtb even stinkier than mlb?
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Rick H,

Bob is real busy at moment. Let me just say that he and I are planning to get together as soon as possible and really start to iron things out.

In the meantime I absolutely guarantee that there will be plenty of intermediate and advanced intermediate stuff going on at the Academy. And I don't mean just one large group. Also if you have friends that have never skied before bring them along. You will never find a more supporting and understanding group to introduce them to skiing with. We will endeavor to keep all groups below 6 or 8 skiers. (Can't guarantee this because we don't have a count of skiers or instructors yet.)

Everyone please be sure to forward to either Bob or myself your ideas in the next few days and we absolutely promise to get info out as quick as possible.

I think that the majority of EpicSkiers are in favor of holding the academy at Solitude and plannng with them is progressing thanks to Ydnar, so everyone thank him.
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