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Candide Kamera II

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For those of you given to appreciate all kinds of skiing.
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Way cool. Beautifully shot, surprisingly tasteful.  
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That is nice!  Turn the sound on it fits surprisingly well.  Great lines.
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Wheee!  That was beautiful. 
I wonder how this would fit in the "Skiing Pretty" thread?
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 That left me in Awe!
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 That could be the Blade Runner of ski movies.
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awesome, where was that filmed?
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 Candide Thovex is an awesome skier, probably the most talented freeskier right now, the way he lands the jumps is incredible, like a cat.  
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Love the switch D-spins
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That made my day!!! Thanks for sharing!
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I think Candide Kamera 1 is the best skiing I've ever seen!  II is great too, but I love the lines on the first one!
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