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Georgia on my mind

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Next Thursday I'll be at Augusta National for the opening round of the Masters. It will be interesting to see Tiger's reception. While there may be a few who attempt to disrupt his game (and they will be quickly escorted off the premises) I suspect the reception will be somewhat subdued. I might be suprised. We'll see.
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They invited you to the reception?

Don't forget to take some time to smell the Azaleas
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It is such a special place. This is my third visit and I never get over the beauty of Augusta (that is Augusta National-not the town) in early April.

I'll probably watch TW from the distance-I can imagine the crowds lining #1 when he goes off (no pun intended). I'm crossing my fingers Duval or a few others I want to watch aren't paired with or near him time wise. 
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 I'm quite anxious to watch this year.....getting my popcorn ready....
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I've been able to see Tiger twice at the ATT National here at Congressional. It's a heck of trick to see him and avoid getting crushed by the crowd. The first time, getting a glimpse was difficult from 4 people deep behind the lines. Last time I was able to reverse engineer his arrival time at the range from his tee time and snag a viewing spot 5 minutes before he showed. Then I leave the course to take advantage of all the empty buses returning to the parking areas and get some real golf in while everyone else mobs the course trying to watch Tiger play.
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The Stevie Glare.jpg

A great picture of Stevie giving me the "glare" on 10 tee during a practice round a few years ago. It was amazing how far TW nuked a 3 metal down that hill.

When I've wanted to see Tiger it is basically hop scotch from point A to point  B and wait. No point in getting trampled by the throngs. Or sitting in one of the grandstands a few groups before he comes through.
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wow, I caught a break today....
I got the flu so I'm home for the day, poised to watch the Masters.

Just me, my Vernors, and the Masters. 
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

wow, I caught a break today....
I got the flu so I'm home for the day, poised to watch the Masters.

Would this be the, "Green Jacket Flu"? 
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 I wish I could have been so lucky to get the flu. 
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Great play by Lefty! I managed to get to where I am staying the middle of Kansas (aka nowhere) on the way back to Colorado in time to see the final few holes today. If all goes well tomorrow we'll be back home in time to see the entire broadcast of the final round. It is too bad TV really can't show the contours and steepness of the greens and approaches.
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Those  3 holes by Mickelson were astounding.  That whole 1/2 hour of golf was unbelievable. 

The forgotten one in the coverage is the leader.  Westwoods' play has been so consistent for 3 days, almost machine like.  He has met all of the challenges so far and just kept on holding on to the lead.  Putting my virtual $ on Westwood Sunday.
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Westwood consistent? I'm still watching things on tape dealy, but didn't I see a double bogey drop him out of the lead at one point? Just sayin'. How many times has Tiger won the Masters with a double on his card?
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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post


How bout that shot out of the trees on 13
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How about Kim today, a 65! 
Tiger for that matter when the driver opted not to work, he can still scramble.
This is a show.
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Originally Posted by Stranger View Post

How about Kim today, a 65! 

I was digging his belt buckle
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 I was watching intently and trying not to jinx it, but I was rooting for Phil and couldn't be happier about this outcome......
What an emotional finish...
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Managed to get home in time to watch the finish. Unbelievable golf and I am estatic for Phil with this win. With all he, Amy and the family have been through this year you have to believe the Golf Gods were smiling on him!! Well played Lefty!!!!
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 The golf Gods even legitimized it more by having that whatever-it-was deflect his putt on 2... definitely the weirdest thing I have ever seen... so that when his drives bounced off of trees and people (a la Crenshaw in his second win) no one could even diminish his win by saying that he got ALL the breaks (not that anyone would ever want to anyway...)
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