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New Lange Boot

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I am a 6'1" 215 lb. aggressive level 8.  I'm trying to improve by practicing technique not just flying downhill.  I live in Colorado, ski 20-30 days a year, enjoy the whole mountain, and consider myself to have good carving ability.

My current boots are Lange comp 120s circa 2002.  Additions include a 2 band Booster strap, replacement Zipfit liners, and orthodics.  Forward lean is pretty aggressive and fit is snug (unbuckle for lift rides and walking).

I am looking for a stiffer boot and found an online discount shop with some closeout Lange World Cup 130s WC fit.  I know they'll need some work but I have a former boot fitter friend who still does work for "pros and bros".  My questions are:  What fit differences might I encounter?  Will going from a worn down 120 flex to a new 130 flex be giant jump up?  Is there a different Lange model I might like better?

There aren't any shops near by I would trust so any advice or opinions would be great.


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sounds be fine (ish)   that newer boot is a bit narrower, and a bit stiffer.  but, like any boot, it can be made softer, and wider.
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