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Elan Whistlers for teaching in?

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Put this on Gear forum and no replies yet, so am hoping maybe people here will know about them.
My Stocklis aren't really a good teaching ski, they are too fat and powerful. plus I'm worried about attempting bumps in my level 2 cert exam in them (the shovels are 120mm, and the top sheet is metal). So I'm hunting around for something soft and short and easy. Most of the cheap skis in the local shops are several years old, like the Dynastar max series.
However, one place has these little blue Elan Whistler 5.0 skis for 240 bucks, incl. bindings, and we get a discount on top of that. So I'm interested in them. I'm wondering what the skis are for, are they suitable for my requirements? they look like they're meant to be skiied really short, which would make them good for moguls, i'm thinking.

Any opinions, or suggestions on other cheap soft skis?!

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I don't think they should let you take tests on short skis.
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Elan's website lists them as an all-mountain ski. Check it out. I wish I could find a dealer around here that carried Elan skis, so you are somewhat lucky.
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SCSA - a student needs to have a teacher that they can see do 'perfect' turns at slow speeds so that they feel the teacher is actually skilled. If they see the teacher making sluggish turns on long skis they will doubt the teacher's skills. Long skis are only good for freeriding.

For some reason every single ski shop here in Calgary seems to carry Elans, yet I don't know of any that carry Fischer or Blizzard skis.
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Mike B,

But don't you think that instructors should have to use longer skis to pass tests? I do.

If they can pass the tests on longer skis, they'll be all that much better on shorter skis, no?
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Chuckle. Let me enlighten you, SCSA. My Stocklis ARE short skis. They are 162cm, and that is the longest they come in.
They will also kick the backsides of most skiiers. The problem is that they are poweful, and wide.
So I am after a ski that is less powerful, softer, and less wide.

Most instructors are on shorter skis nowadays, as it suits the style of skiing we mainly do - they are more dynamic and technical.

We are required to carve more than skid, and for that, I'm sorry to say that your longer skis would be utterly useless. I've yet to see anyone really carve a long ski, unless they're doing Downhill type turns.

That said, my 162cm skis are designed for men who weigh around 85kg, multply by 2.2 to get the equivalent in pounds. Not really suitable for the types of bumps we have to do in our exam.


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