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What is Z-turns?

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What is Z-turns?

In my point.

In my turns that it is not Z-turns.

So am I right or wrong?

If I am right. Have anyone a Z-turns video?

If I am wrong. Why?
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A Z turn is when the path of travel of the skier resembles a "Z" much more than a "C". Another way to think of this is that the change of direction and the change of edges happens almost simultaneously (e.g. within one ski length). The turns in your clip are not "Z" turns.
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Hi Rusty, How's going?!  What happened was that some friends (in a taiwan ski forum) were debating whether norman's turns were in perfect round shape.  They call those good ones (in round shape) as "C turns" while bad ones as "Z turns".
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I'm doing well, but my season is over. C turns are more efficient than Z turns. There are times when Z turns can be more effective than C turns. I prefer not to think of good or bad turns. Movements can be more efficient or less efficient, more fun or less fun, safer or more dangerous, more athletic or less, rounder or not, carving or skidding, etc. The question is are you making the choices or is the mountain making the choices for you.
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 No, norman, as Rusty said, your turns are not Z turns.  For Z turns, think traverse > big pivot > traverse back the other way.  Here's a link to a video clip of how what the pivot in a Z turn looks like.  See "pivoting"
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Hi Rusty - Thanks for clarification.  Yes, our season was over 3 weeks ago.  I did not have a chance to go back the resort after I came back from my Utah ski trip.  I thought that we had a record snow this season, but I didn't know the spring came so quick.
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Thanks Rust and Rick.


Your explanation.


Especially, Rick mention video clip in the line.

Very help to me to clear that what is a Z turn or C turn.


Thank all of you.


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