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A which one post Fischer Progessor 8 or Dynastar Contact 4x4

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All right...here goes. Me 41 5'11 185#. I took a long time off skiing and returned with a vengeance last season and have gotten about 65 days in between the two years. I am around a level 7-8 depending on the conditions and that is for big mountain terrain in Alaska. Take some lessons and improving. I am confident and fast off-piste in good snow and a little less so in in mixed crud and bumps. Very confident and fast on any groomed terrain regardless of pitch. My daily driver was a Prophet 100 in 179 which I outgrew and wish I had the 186 as I think it is a great and fun ski. That more or less lives in the closet now for guests. Deep snow is the Dynastar Huge Trouble 185 and my hard snow ski is the Nordica Helldiver Ti. I love this ski on the groom but if I look in the mirror and honest in anything other than perfect snow it kind of kicks my ass off-piste. A little too wide, too stiff, and too much sidecut. It is a tank that is happiest going fast and forward in big GS turns! We had a mostly not much snow and lots of rain this winter and I kept finding myself wishing I had a smaller more nimble hard conditions oriented ski that could spend a little time off-piste when it is packed down and a bit bumpy. A 90/10, 80/20 kind of ski. Our version of piste is quite different from what I was used to in Tahoe and there is no 'cruising' up here. It is either hard charging steep or off trail and steep. I was looking at the Contact 4x4 172, Kastle 78 176 (though probably a bit too spendy) and the (very recently) Progressor 8. I can not demo any of these as ski sales are primarily in the +90mm or cheater racer GS/SL skis. I was initially going to go with the cheater Nordica Dobermann Pro but my wife is a lower intermediate and though the ski is great I can't concentrate on both when I ski with her. So something just a little tuned down. So I am looking for opinions....that might be suitable to ME. I would love to hear from Dawgcatching & Sierra Jim since they are both PNW skiers and understand our snow conditions. 
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Ummmm.............I'm not sure that Tahoe is considered the PNW but I guess I'll have to check and see if there's any moss growing in my hair. The border of "rainland" where Scott lives is quite bit north of here.............

Anyway.........I have owned all the skis you mention except the Progressor 8. (owned a 9+ though) and still own a 4X4 and HT. The Contact 4X4 is a versatile ski given its stiffness but it is a powerhouse. While the sidecut is more moderate than the Dobie pro, it is not a whole ton more forgiving. (Some maybe but not a ton) When I tested the progressor 8, I was dissapointed in it's hard snow performance. I felt that the ski gave up quite a bit of grip and stability to it's brother the 9+ without any major improvement in forgiveness. I think you could do better than the skis you mention, by choosing from the following.................

Progressor 9+ (Improved stability over the 8 but not tough to ski)
Dynastar Contact Cross. (easier than the 4X4)
CA versions of the 78 & 84mm Nordicas
Dynastar Sultan 85.

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 Thanks SJ, well PNW compared to the Rockies and the far eastern coast. I was thinking about heavy snow, warm melts, 'sierra cement' days sometimes a week or two of nothing then a big 24-36" dump etc. We get all of that up here. The HT seems like it was made for these conditions and it is admirable on the groom but I hang around with some Europeans that only know how to turn hard and fast on little bitty skis...I was kind of wanting to keep up with them but have a little flexibility too to go slower or a bit off-trail if I wanted to.Thanks for the others to look at. 
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From the list that SJ compiled, I have the Nordica Hot Rod CA 78. I ski in the PNW (mainly WA, sometimes OR and BC). I'm 5'11", 185lbs and level 7. I really like the Nordicas in most conditions except ice or more than 6" powder. Off piste: no problem. The Nordicas are not demanding at all, but are game if you push them. Nice cruiser skis.
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To follow up....how much 'easier' would you say the contact cross ti is compared to the 4x4? How would you compare both of them to the Helldiver ti in terms of flex, forgiveness, off-piste (shallow snow), hard but smaller bumps. I was looking at the 4x4 in 172, would you recommend that size in the contact cross or step up to the 178? My Helldiver is 178 and I am 5'11" & 185. Good basic technique and of course improving in the more demanding conditions. What a PSIA crowd might call 7-8...
I guess to refine what I am looking for is that ski for when there hasn't been any snow for awhile, the drought if you will but has the flexibility or maybe versatility is a better word of being able manage some off piste if there is say some boot or slightly less than boot deep fresh. Any more than that and the HT's come out. That is why I was leaning away from a pure carver like the Dobermann Pro GS. I am not lazy and not looking for a cruiser. I tend to ski hard for 2-3 hours and then when I am sapped I just go home. I'll probably get 50 days this season so I am not looking for a one pony trick do everything ski because I only get a few days per season. So requirements would be:

-hard snow to western ice grip
-acceptable bump/chop performance
- a sweet spot that is narrow enough to help me improve but can tolerate a few mistakes without launching me into a yard sale...
- ability to help me develop fall line hop turns on very narrow and bumpy terrain..I suck at this and would like to get better
-stability for speed when it is opened up into long fast arcs

Whatever you can throw in would be appreciated.
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 AND where would you throw the Sultan 85 into this?
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Originally Posted by ccijp View Post

 AND where would you throw the Sultan 85 into this?

I probably wouldn't.

You were originally asking about a group of skis that are primarily harder snow types. Skis of that type will place a premium on edge grip and dampening. The Sultan gives up a bit of grip and dampening in favor of a more tolerant attitude toward mixed conditions. If you didn't already have the 'Diver, then the Sultan would make a lot of sense. Since you do have the 'Diver, I'd leave the Sultan off the list unless you are thinking of dumping the Nordie.

As far as the Cross vs. the 4X4, you could well choose the Cross in a 178, but you certainly wouldn't want to choose the 4X4 in that size.

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Fischer WC SC would be a great hard snow short turn ski for you.  WC RC for longer turns.  There is no reason for you to downgrade any more than that for hard snow performance.  These skis are plenty easy to ski.
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