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Shell fit question

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I just bought a pair of new Salomon Impact 8 boots online and am trying to shell fit it at home.  Length wise, one finger behind the heel which I believe is ok according to you guys here but width wise, slightly touching the sides at the widest part of the foot near the front.  Is there supposed to be any room on the sides where they don't touch anything or are they supposed to touch?  
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light touch is fine

more info on the wikis on this site.

just ski them and see how if feels to you
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remember that your foot will sit a little off the bottom of the base board when there is a liner and a footbed... as Dave says give them a try, they may need a little sttretch but that is not a problem for a fitter to do, make sure the foot is well supported with a good footbed and you will minimize any spread whaich will be making them tighter
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