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Tahoe Snow Temperatures?

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I must admit that I haven't stuck a thermometer into the snow.  Frankly, I don't even have a thermometer for such a purpose.  My gut feeling is that enough people have already done this and that I should be able to just look it up on the internet.  So, here goes...

What are typical snow temperature ranges in the Tahoe area?

When I go to buy wax, all the manufacturers give specific temperature ranges for each of their waxes.  I'd like to know which ones I really need to buy and what seasons they'd likely work.

Thanks in advance.
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0 to -10 centigrade. average snow temp -5c. fall, winter, spring.

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Thanks for the numbers.  It sounds like I can probably do fine with Toko red in the early season and Toko yellow in the spring.
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you are right on track!! we are still running red waxes as even the last few springs have come in colder and drier than normal so this past week has been holmenkol beta, swix, ch8, and dominator hx88. expect the real spring to show up this week.

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