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Helmets for an oval head

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I am having a great amount of difficulty finding a helmet that fits me due to the shape of my head. Most helmets can be tight front to back but there is still enough gap on the sides so I can slide my fingers between the helmet and my head. So they end up with a sloppy fit and rolling all around my head which I don't think is very safe. Most ski helmets seem to be pretty spherical but for some bizarre reason I never seem to have much difficulty finding cycle helmets that fit. Any thoughts?
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You might try the Giro G9 or G10.  Your situation sounds similar to mine and I ended up with the G10 after trying a bunch.  I'm happy with it.
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I found the same problem with Smith and other helmets. I did like the fit of the Red brand of helmet and I think they are made by Burton. I didn't care for the large brim though because it looked like a baseball batting helmet.
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I have a long oval head too.  Giro helmets fit me best.  I like the ones with the adjustable interior straps.  I can change the size slightly according to what thickness balaclava I'm wearing.  Further, the interior head strap helps it fit my head better.  The vents are adjustable and provide good ventilation when needed.  Great helmet, very comfortable.
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One thing I learned about ten years ago when I was purchasing my first helmet is that, within one manufacturer's product line, some helmets can fit one shape of head (round or oval) while other helmets from the same manufacturer can fit the other shape.

I had been reading about a particular helmet made by Boeri but I couldn't find it in any of the shops that I had visited. I was discouraged when other Boeri helmets I tried did not fit my oval head. Then I saw a page in a paper catalog from one of the mail order ski shops wherein the people running the shop had hit upon a great idea (from the consumer's point of view.) Many of the shop employees had tried on each of the styles of helmets which the shop stocked and they rated the fit of the helmets for head shape. This was GREAT!

As it happens, within the Boeri product line, some helmets fit better on round heads while others fit better on oval heads. The one I had been interested in, which I had not found in any shop to try on, fit better on oval heads. I ordered it and was very happy with the fit.

Unfortunately, this shop no longer publishes such information and I haven't seen it provided by any other source.

I'm currently using a Giro Fuse helmet. It doesn't fit my oval head as well as my old Boeri but the Giro fits well enough. The trade-off for a less-than-optimal fit is that it has a controllable ventilation system and is compatible with some nice Motorola ear-flap-mountable wireless headphones.

Remember to bring your goggles with you when you try on helmets. Then at least you'll know before you purchase a helmet whether or not you will have to plan to purchase new goggles.

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 I have a POC Receptor BUG in the for sale section that didn;t fit my head becuase the helmet was too oval.  You may have better luck.  POC helmets are top-quality and are considered extremely safe. 
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You should try the Giro G10. It is the most oval shaped of all the Giro Helmets. The Fuse (no longer made) and Omen fit very round and the G9 and Seam fit some where in the middle. If any shops have any left they might be willing to put them on sale. Happy hunting.
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 I've got the same problem... er, characteristic.  I'd like to think that our craniums are more streamlined...
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 Any Sweet or Boeri with the ABS framing (Tactic?) Some Giros are OK, but no cigar. Have your head, so know. 
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When I tryed on helmets this year the Poc's were very oval shaped and didnt fit my head, they might be worth a look. Not only that but they are supposed to be really nice overall.

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Some of the Briko Helmets work pretty well for an Oval shaped head. The old Forerunner model was good.
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In descending order of ovalness,  I like Boeri, Leedom, Red, Giro, some Markers.
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