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Loveland/A-basin early May

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Any comments or thoughts on these 2 places the first weekend of May (Loveland's posted closing date is Sunday May 2). Sounds as if snow has been sparse at times out there this season but a friend of mine in Denver was commenting on how quickly some good snow can pop-up at any time in the spring. Have never been skiing in May (nor done the Beach in the spring) and these are my 2 favorite areas. Any comments/suggestions on whether it may be a water skiing slush-fest or if it's worth the weekend trip from the southeast? Thanks! 
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My 2 cents worth, and since I'll also be going last week of April/first week of May, I'd recommend a trip out because:

 - While conditions are unknown, ABasin usually has the most consistent Sping conditions due to exposure and elevation-widely discussed here;
 - If you have a season pass, it's all bonus; even if you need to buy a spring pass, it's cheap;
 - Great deals on hotels/timeshares, restaurants and bars (2-for-1 offers);
 - Great service everywhere, due to tourists all gone - I've had the worst service in even the top tier establishment during peak ski seasons - expected;
 - Great bargins to pick up at stores;
 - Opportunity to meet and talk to friendly locals everywhere - this is especially fun in Aspen;
 - While the skiing is a reason to go, it's also an excuse to relax in the mountains.

I'll head there straight after a two-week biz trip in Asia, and just can't wait to get some serenity and calmness after all that hustle-and-bustle.
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Both areas should be good the first week in May, even though it has been a lousy snow year so far.  It's snowed the past several days at Loveland, and conditions could actually improve between now and May.  I've skied on closing day at Loveland several times and often thought they could stay open another month.

I really like the late season skiing.  The light is usually fairly good - with the sun higher in the sky, you don't have the flat light problems that can hamper above treeline skiing in darker months, the weather is warmer, and you can generally find pretty good snow conditions by moving around either A-Basin or Loveland, starting with the east or south facing runs, and moving to the west or north facing runs as the day progresses. 

These pictures of Velvet Hammer at Loveland were taken on 29Apr09:

Plenty of snow was left, as you can see          
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Thanks for the comments! Will be heading out for that first weekend (closing weekend for Loveland) of May (1-3). If anyone would like to share some urns would be glad to meet up.
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Turns out it's quite a late season at ABasin - better than January 2010 for sure.

Having bluebird powder days since the weekend.....a little windy today, but the snow was good (3"-4" overnight)..... definitely enjoying it.

Plus, at resorts staff-to-guest ratio is 1:1 if not more!

Pic below taken today at West Wall.

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 You could check out this gathering
Arapahoe Basin Mother's Day Weekend May 7-10th
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I will be at Loveland on May 2.  More than likely if you go to the top of Chair 2 and follow the smoke and noise to a BBQ grill, I will be around there. Otherwise, I will be closing out the season with members of Loveland's Ski School. I'm sure other ski school's will be crashing that party too.  Bring EtOH, and donation money if you wish to join in.
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Thanks! Looks like a fun trip.....would love to join in..

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 You could check out this gathering
Arapahoe Basin Mother's Day Weekend May 7-10th
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 I'll be at Loveland on Saturday, possibly Sunday but if not then A-basin. 
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