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Hopefully, the weather across the country will continue to give us lots of snow to play in so I would like to share the following with those who might find themselves struggling in crud and powder.

Moving forward is very important so lets start by picking a traverse that will keep us moving across the hill. Once we are moving brush the uphill ski into a stem, then roll the downhill foot toward the little toe edge. Your body and both skis will move down the hill and into a turn. Depending on the steepness of the slope and the depth/thickness of the snow that might be all that you have to do. The skis will come around and put you into a traverse in the other direction and you can repeat the process. When you are comfortable with the move there is no reason to let the skis carry you into a traverse, simply stem the inside ski as you approach the end of the turn and tip the other ski and you will move into a new turn.

Your first experiments with this ‘crud christy’ may have a pace of stem......tip, and after you get the feel of it you will move to stem...tip and then stem/tip. Once you begin to feel that the tip move follows the stem move with no hesitation or even better they are overlapping each other you can try dropping the stem move and just tipping the old outside ski into the new turn.

If you feel that you are building up to much speed in the first half of the turn then add in a little pointing of the inside foot after the tip to tighten up the radius of the turn. For those of you who prefer the tippy feel you feel greater tipping of the inside ski to shorten the turn.

Hope this helps,