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What is your boot size (mondo+BSL) relative to your street shoe (sneaker) size (US) currently? Indicate shell fit measurements if you know them.

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I apologize if there is already a thread for this topic but I was not able to find a recent one.  Please include model and make and make mention of any notable idiosyncrasies particular to the boot, if there are any (i.e. known to run big/small relative to mondo, compared to average...if you're using an aftermarket liner that changes the fit significantly, custom insoles,etc.).  Perhaps also indicate the relative level of satisfaction with your current shell-fit. 

SALOMON GUN (Falcon shell) , Instaprint insoles: 26.0
Street shoe : 9.5

(just got these so jury is still out)
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Tell you a authority websit about the boog mondo.
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Nordica TR12 27-27.5 BSL 315mm-ish
Booster Strap, 3/8" Lexan under heel, Bolts stiffening Ski/Walk mechanism, Liner insole removed.

Shoe Size: US10.5

Roomy toe box, tight ankle.

Have had issues with shin-bang, good compromise between comfort and performance, performance is currently acceptable, addition of super-feet would help performance further.

Personally I need stiffer, smaller, less comfortable boot.
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Size 11 US shoe size.  EDIT : Size 27 - 27.5 shell size (just checked the number on the boot).  Solomon Crossmax 10.  Shell fit, just right (Can't remember and not going to check exact measurement).  Had to stretch toe box  to make it wider.
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Size 10.5-11E US Shoe. Size 27 (314mm) Atomic RT CS140 shell/ RT-TIR (B) Cuff. Had to make room everywhere.
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Size 12 US shoe.  Size 28 Nordica HotRod  (U.K. 9)  boot with lots of mods.

Priest, I would argue the information in these wikis on EpicSki are more informative.  They may also be edited by the members if you wish to update, add to or correct the information.

Boot Fitting Which Boot Will Work For Me

Boot Fitting Terms And Glossary

I think Garmont hit the nail on the head with this sizing chart which difference from the usual conversions by at least one size

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Size 13 or 14 in US shoes ... most of the time a 47 in euro shoes will fit.

29.5 Tecnica Dragon boots.  They fit pretty well for 90% of my skiing, but sometimes wish they were a bit snugger for that last 10%.  Tried a 28.5 but it was too small.  Currently have the orange Superfeet insoles.

29.5 seems to work pretty well in most brands, but some (Kryptons) are just too narrow.  I used to have size 360 Salomons, which worked well also.

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Nordica GTS-12 in 28/28.5. 325mm BSL. Slightly widened forefoot (its a 102mm last). Sole footbeds.

Street size: UK 10.5, Euro 44-45, US 11.5

I can drop to a 27 shell in most boots (assuming 317/318mm-ish), and probably will next time. Hoping to get to CEM before next season for the full works.
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Atomic m110, Sole custom insoles, Intuition liners, bootboard removed for instep height, world-cup Booster straps.  25.5

Work boot: US9.5 EEE w/green Superfeet.
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13 or 14 street (messure 13.5)- 12/30 Lange Banshees (343 bsl) 
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Garmont chart about right for me in alpine (10.5-11 shoe, 27.5 boot, takes a few punches). Ironically, however, not sure it works for AT. Garmonts aren't my shape, but I wear a 26.5, Factors are, fit in a 26.5-27.0, and they're saying the new Sallie Quest is a full size below the alpines, so a 26.5. Yet the rule of thumb is that boots you walk in should be a bit looser than alpines. Go figure... 
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i am in a 28 shell in my head raptors, salomon gave me a pair of 28 quest but they are hugh, definately need to downsize that boot
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 9.5 US street shoe. 26.0/26.5 shell 306mm
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7.5 US street shoe, 24/24.5 shell Dalbello Krypton ID 288mm bsl, Instaprint footbeds, no mods to the boot. 
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Euro size 40 / UE size 7 (usually) street shoe. Just got new (haven't skiied yet) Technical Diablo Pro 23.5 / BSL 277 with custom footbed.

Looking at what skier_j said, I understand why I start to swim in my last pair of boot - Krypton, after 2 seasons of use. I was in size 25.0 (that's why I changed store to get a real bootfitter this time).
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9.5 US shoe, 26.5 (303 BSL) Head Raptor 120RS with Intuitions and Moszkito insoles.  No boot mods since I don't have a competent bootfitter anywhere near me.

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14 US street shoe, Speedmachine 130 in a 29.5, 335mm BSL
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9.5 shoe. 26-26.5, 305 shell.
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8.5 sneaker, Rossignol Radical World Cup ZB flex in a 24.5/292 boot sole.  Lots of bootwork done on those.  Part of me wants some more space now that I'm done racing but part of me doesn't want to give up the responsiveness either.
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Street shoe: 10 (US) in Merrell (most common), 43 Euro.
Boot: Head Vector 120, size 26 mondopoint.  The extra width in this boot helps immensely.
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US size 7.5 in running and approach shoes.  Atomic RT FR100, shell = mondo 24.0/24.5, 284mm BSL.  Instaprint insoles + modified footboards (to increase forefoot volume that was reduced by the insoles), no shell work.
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Street shoes:  11.5 US

Ski boots: Nordica Doberman Pro 130 size 8   (which I think is a UK 8) 

I like 'em tight. (c:
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 Street shoes: 10.5 US
Ski boots: Dalbello Kryptons size 27.5
Lots of punching at the toe. And padding in the heel. And some other modifications. It's still almost crushing the toe yet giving too much heel lift. :|

Snowboard boots: Northwave 28.5. 
Tons of heel lift and toes barely touching in the toe box. Typical noob mistake... my fault for listening to the salesperson's advice. no returns allowed once they've been worn. Ugh.
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Street shoe: 9.5 - 10 US
Shell size: 25 Atomic RT Ti (294mm)

Forefoot essentially blown out to the next size. Small heel/instep circumference relative to shoe size. Had a 26 but required shimming and padding. If I wasn't on my third pair - pretty much figured this boot out at this point - I would probably switch brands and go with a larger shell size.
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Street shoe: 7.5 or 8, depending on brand and model. Boot: Salomon Falcon 100 Jr. Race 24.5 w/custom insole. Been in them one year. They fit perfect out of the box and still do.
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12 us shoe size ( foot length 286mm )
boots Nordica Dobermann edt 130 size 27,5 ( 315mm boot sole length )
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Street shoe size: 9 US, ski boot (Fischer Ranger 12 Vacuum) size: 26.5, BSL: 303 mm

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13 shoe, 28.5 boot/325.

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8.5B shoe, 25.5, 97mm last, 296 BSL, Full Tilt Classic, extensive mods for 6th met head and toe box height, planning to try Head Hammer or Thrasher next season
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Street shoe, 10.5 to 11. Mondo, 26.0 (306) in RS/RX/XT Langes, 27.0 (315-317) in most other brands like Dalbello, Salomon, or Head. I shoot for about 10-15 mm of shell fit; Langes are about 12-14. One mondo up Dalbellos are about 17-19, Sollies about 15-17. Langes run 1/2 size long IME, and these days have a wider forefoot/toe box and narrower heel, much like Salomons had a decade ago, but no longer. 

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