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Liner Replacement?

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I've been  on skis my whole life (lots of x-c racing in my past) and have gotten very serious over the last two seasons alpine skiing in Tahoe.  In this the 2nd season of my Lange boots, I've begun to have A LOT of pain on my ankle bones in both feet.  I still have the original stock liners, and through reading up on such cases, feel the the issue resides in the deterioration of the foam.  I am willing to get some new intuition liners and mold them for the correct fit, but want to make sure this will fix the pain problem I've been experiencing before shelling out the money.  So if anyone has any advice on new liners or going to new boots, I would greatly appreciate it.  thanks

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are you getting the liners thru a shop?   ask them if they think that this will help you.  and if it doesn;t will they take the liners back?

of just put stock, new liner in the boots and see if that feels better?  maybe just use that, or then order an intuition.
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so many things which could be going on, the liner foam breaking down, the footbed you are using not doing its job and allowing you to pronate into the side of the shell (you are using a footbed, right?) the boot being too big in the first place ad the liner packing out to the shell and then causing problems

you have a few good fitters in the area , check the wiki at the top of the forum they are all good guys and can give you honest advice as to what will work best for you

chucking a new liner around an unsupported foot in a shell which isn't right is a very short term fix, get everything checked out and then work with the fitter to get the best solution, it may be a liner is the answer, it may be the footbed, it may be the shell...who knows without seeing your feet

good luck
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