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Tension Setting on Rossi Axial 2 140 Ti

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I've been lurking for a while, but this is my first post.  Great community here by the way...

After being renters for years, my wife, kids, and I are taking the plunge and buying equipment.  I'm - to put it mildly - super stoked.  In the way of background, I'm in my early 40s, ski'd off and on for 30 years, Level 2-3 ability, 6'0", 245lb, Mondo size 29.5.  Ski mainly groomers, trails, some powder.  Like to go fast, but don't frequent the parks and unlikely to be filmed jumping off any cliffs.

For myself, I picked a set of Dalbello Krypton Cross boots and Rossi Classic 80 Ti skis in a 175.  The skis come with Rossi Axial 2 140 Ti bindings.  I had them set at the shop where I bought most of my gear.  My concern is the bindings came with a manual.  I'm an engineer (aka tech geek) so I read the manual.

The binding manual says that for my boot sole length (336mm) the toe piece should be set at the 329-342 setting.  I believe this is set correctly.  The back tip of the toe piece is pointed directly at the 329-336 number, but not covering it.

On the heal piece however I'm concerned.  The manual states for 334-336 the heal piece should be at the first of the three number 5 spots, for lack of a better term, 5 1/3.  When I got the skis back, they were set one notch forward (tighter), 4 3/3.  As set, the boots go in, but it's a tighter fit than I'm used to.  The tension indicator shows about 60% yellow (manual says perfect is 50%). When I slide the heal piece back one notch to the spec setting, the tension drops to only about 25% yellow.

So should I leave it as the shop had it or go with the factory setting?  As I mentioned, as set it feels kind of tight.  Is this a personal call, perhaps influenced to some degree by the particular boot?  Am I worried about nothing?  There doesn't seem to be any way to micro-adjust the tension.  If it matters both front and rear bindings are set to a DIN of 8 (I discussed this with the Tech).

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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your bindings forward pressure is properly set. as long as the forward pressure indicator is in the range you are ok.

throw out the binding manual, it seems like it might be preventing you from enjoying the freedom, beauty, and thrill of skiing

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Thanks for the advice Jim, sounds like I'm good to go.  Our local ski area (Mt. Baker in WA state) received a blanket of fresh snow this week and we're headed up there this weekend.  Looking forward to that freedom, beauty, and thrill you mention 
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