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Ode to SNOW

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I was thinking today how many different kinds of snow there are. How at first glance all snow is the same, but with time, maybe many years, you realize that every crystal is unique, so all snow cannot possibly be the same. All snow comes into the world different and undergoes constant metamorphosis until temperatures rise and the unique substance melts into its second state, water. Snow is intimately linked to LIFE. Snow is everything from sleet to feathers, from clammy wet to dry as dust, from grippy to chalky to ice. Today's snow was what it was, where it was, completely different at 9 than it was a 2. One student complained that the snow wasn't as nice in this place we were skiing than another place we'd just skied. I said, "Yes, but isn't it fun to be able to ski any kind of snow and go anywhere?" After a while, she too will develop a taste for the unprocessed and unpredictable snow that can only be found off piste.
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So true! Don't the Eskimo (Inuit) have about 17 different words for snow?

Prime example of snow change- With my Mod X's I go try the unpacked stuff on the sides of the run. Off I go... not enough speed... into the wilderness... 2 secs. later... over I go! I look like an 8 until I get into that stuff; then I look like a 1!!! I need instruction and advice on how to run that stuff.
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Right on. It is the ever changing quality of snow that makes every turn, run, and ski day a separate, amazing experience. It is the appreciation of this neverending process that keeps our eyes and palates fresh in the moment, it can't get boring-it's never the same! Just as in life, if you're bored, you are inevitably being boring. It's your choice if you wish to continue the 'boredness' or not. It is also this amazing variety that allows us to reap its benefits from infancy to our eighties, the beauty of the experience can be found by all who seek it at whatever level they choose to interact at. I love this all encompassing sport/activity/life, thanks for reminding me to appreciate and toast its essence again. Cheers!
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It is true the inuit have many words describing snow! Inuit marketing directors however refer to all snow as packed-powder or machine made packed powder. Inuit marketing directors also measure their snow horizontally not vertically. Never trust an Inuit snow report!!!
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That is the funniest post I have ever read*


*ever read = read today, written by a guy called Robin.
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