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TR - late-season 2010 Taos. All the snow you could ask for.

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Reposting from the Taos Conditions thread.

Thursday March 25 - three inches of fresh snow reported.  Perfect blue skies.  A nearly deserted mountain.  Does it get any better?

An apparently rarely skied field just above Lower Stauffenberg.
2010_03_25-12_38_47 DSC_0059.JPG

Panoramic look over the West Basin Ridge.  Four photos stitched together.
2010_03_25-13_23_33 DSC_0063_stitch.JPG

A narrow, 45 degree chute...  We declined the honor, and went down somewhere near Thunderbird instead.  The snow in the trees was extremely heavy however, and with the short spaces available for making turns, gave me some trouble.  Two photos stitched together.
2010_03_25-13_39_42 DSC_0079_stitch.JPG

Friday March 26.  No pictures of this day.  It was overcast and super windy - NWS said 20 to 30 mph winds, with 40 mph gusts.  Going by a ridge like were Zagava starts resulted in sandblasting of any exposed skin.  We spent the day off lifts 4 and 7, doing Hunziker and El Funko, and goofing off at the terrain park on Maxims.  Maybe it's just Taos, or maybe it's snowsports in general, but the impression I got was that the really dedicated park rats, doing jumps and back/forward flips and spins and whatnot, were all on skies.  The snowboarders seemed rather sedate in comparison.  Weird.  Anyway, that storm had a beneficial side...

Saturday March 27.

Here's the view out our window that morning.  Snow like that in town surely meant great things for the slopes.  Indeed, the resort reported six more inches of snow.  We were expecting the place to be packed, but it really wasn't busy at all.  We were speculating that the tourists had already finished their trips, and the locals were ready for winter to be over...?
2010_03_27-09_26_46 DSC_0101.JPG

(Only iPhone pics this day, I left the SLR at the condo.)
We decided to do the Highline Ridge this day.  There were more people in line to start the hike than there was to get on Lift 1!

Looking back towards the top of Lift 2.  Kachina was closed (we could see some bomb and avalanche evidence above Lift 4) so we went down through the trees on the North Face.  What a blast - everything was light and fluffy, and minimally tracked out.  There were still plenty of fresh power tracks available on the whole Hidalgo/Juarez slope.  The winds were relatively light, and the sun even peaked out a few times.

We finished up the day on North American, after declining Longhorn (looked like simply a long mogul field?)  It's now one of my favorite runs - secluded and peaceful, neither too steep nor too shallow, the trees neither too close nor too sparse...

Sunday March 28.  Sadness, time to drive home.  Some nice morning sun shining through frost on the trees.
2010_03_28-08_59_31 DSC_0112.JPG

I can understand the resort not staying open late past the normal closing day - there really weren't too many people out there for these great conditions.  (Compare that to what I heard about spring break - the office stopped selling lift tickets because there were so many people...)  But for those considering a final trip to Taos to close out the season - go.  There's plenty of great snow.
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I <3 Taos
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Nice scenery and I am sure the sking wasn't too bad either.

Thanks for posting.
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