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What would you do?

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ive been skiing all my life. I ski predominately in the east but i want an all mountain ski that can handle every condition. The 3 skies ive looked at so far have been the volkl mantra's, the atomic snoop daddy's, and the salomon czar. What ski would you go with or what skies are missing in this discussion?
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I don't know the anwer to your question, but tramdock.com has the Czar on sale for $376 right now ...
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Could you offer more information about yourself (height, weight, skiing level)? Those 3 skis are not very similar (according to my preferences). Depends on what you expect from an "all mountain" ski to handle "every condition". Maybe Katana or MX 88 or Elan 888 (or many other good skis
) would be better but you have to tell us more...

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im 5'10 165 and an expert skier. i work at a moutain in the east. it seems like those 3 skis are above average in  slush, groomers, powder, and bumps. i saw those czars yesterday and thy kind of made me post this thread. 
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Nordica Enforcer? 
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