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Done Skiing, Now Training

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So, I had a good ski season, capped off by three days at Big Sky skiing with Ursula!About 39 days on snow; would have been more but for another shoulder separation.  However, I'm doing the Bicycle Tour of Colorado again, and my coach insisted I give up skiing to be able to get two long training rides in a week.  So, the skis are hung up awaiting a spring snow that cancels a training ride.

Got my training block for April, and it's about a month ahead of last year.  I'm scheduled for 3 hour to hour and a half training rides during the week, two days of strength training, and two long training rides on the weekends of 3-4 hours and 5+ hours.  Geez, and I'm paying somebody for this abuse?

While I'm going to miss skiing, I am definitely looking forward to spending time on the bike.  I guess I have to!

Who else is starting your training?  And have you had to curtail your skiing to do so?

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It's never really the off-season for riding here in DC, though I did take it easy through January and February (some of that force-fed via the mega-storms that socked the Mid-Atlantic).  I've been back into training of building intensity since the beginning of March, and with my (likely) final skiing days under my belt, intensity will build in earnest.  I'm nursing a couple of skiing-related injuries right now (right shoulder soft tissue injury, bruised rib and pinched nerve in one leg), but it's nothing that'll keep me off the bike.
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I am skiing today through Sunday and the weekend of the 10th-11th and then I'm done.  I've been riding during the week though and have upped my hours from 1-2 per week to 7 this week.  I got out for 2 3.5 hour rides on Tues and Wed.  My training for the BTC is going to look mostly like yours.  3 rides during the week and 2 long weekend rides starting after I shut ski season down.   I have 2 weekends I can't get out as I will be traveling but I will up the weekday rides in volume and frequency in and attempt to make up for it. 

I got my new ride going a few weeks ago and I am still dialing in the fit and trimming up some cable housing once that's done though, I'll post up some pics of her....she's a beauty

Looking forward to hoisting a few frothy ones on the tour with you!
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Absolutely.  Look forward to it.
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Haven't had my bike out yet this spring, up here in the mountains, although I've been tempted a few times. Not today, though--with fresh snow and cold winter-like temperatures, we're finally getting some of the good skiing that we've missed most of the winter. I'm just getting started with my ski season!

Well, that's wishful thinking, I suppose. This winter weather will end soon. I don't know how long the snow will last up at Arapahoe Basin and Loveland, either, since there still isn't much of a base to stand up to the hot spring sun.

In any case, you're way ahead of me in your training, Mike. But I hope we'll get a chance to get in a few good rides together soon! When the sun comes out, I do start to feel the itch!

(Speaking of itch, have you seen Pearl Izumi's hillarious new "top secret Project Uranus"? Cycling chamois will never be the same):

Best regards,
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I did not have to give up skiing to start riding my bike. :D

I stopped skiing in February because here in Toronto the season was awful. Not a single significant snow fall during the entire winter and I really don't remember to have ever had so little snow. I got 39 days, but all on artificial, crappy snow.

I have been riding my road bike since early Feb and this weekend we are experiencing temps of 24-25C (mid 70s) so we are already mountain biking too. The good news is that my preparation for the race season (XC mountain biking) is right on schedule!
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That's quite humorous, Bob.  While I may have spent more time on the bike than you have, I still have quite a way to go to get in shape to ride with you.

I went out for my training ride today.  It was a pleasant temperature, mid 50's I'd guess.  The wind was about 30-40 mph out of the west.  The first 40 minutes were hell into the wind, and a fairly gnarly descent in a massive gusting cross wind.  After deciding that discretion was the better part of valor and skipping riding 36 north of Boulder (too much wind and traffic, not a good combination in a gusty cross wind), we had a relatively nice ride with moderate cross wind through the trees in east Boulder County.  That being said, we decided to do our short ride today, and the long one tomorrow, which will be a challenge for me given family commitments.  Seems like a better choice today would have been to ski, but that would be cheating on my training.


ps.  Tomorrow will likely be our first real day of climbing.  Jamestown most likely for sure likely with NCAR as well, but we might substitute Ward instead.  Hope those of you who can ski get some good turns!
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I have a mtn bike race in a month and it's been 3 weeks since I've been on the bike.  Damn snow is clogging the once dry trails now.  I guess I'll just have to ski some more.
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