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It was suggested by an expert that looked at an MA request that I ski bow legged and might have a canting issue with my boots.  I don't know if you can tell much from a video, but I am interested in opinions from a boot fit expert.  I am concerned I might have an equipment issue that would be more relevant to my skiing technique issues than lessons would be.

Here is the MA link:

1.  My current boot has canting/cuff adjustments on both sides - something like +/- 2 degrees.  Should I experiment with the setting for a short term solution?  If so, how?  I have never adjusted them.

2.  The long term solution is to get a new pair of boots from someone that knows how to fit them or at least have my current boots evaluated by an expert.  Are there any recommendations for a boot fitter in the Columbus, Ohio area?  I didn't see an in the listing and most places around here tend to the the typical retail boot seller/non expert types.