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Previously I had posted; seeking advice for a 1 ski quiver. I ski all over the west including 4-8 days in the local SoCal mountains, Mammoth, Tahoe and the Big Cottonwood resorts. I'm 6', 240 and should be below 220 by next season. After skiing all over this season I definately see the need for a 2 ski set-up. My ability is 7+. Prefer steep groomers and in bounds off piste(60% groomers and 40% trees and crud), I like alot of rebound and easy turn initiation especially when carving groomers. For off piste; something that provides a stable feeling on crud and chopped up snow and will let you smear the and of the turn. Rarely get into powder deeper than 8"-12". Have been skiing 33 years. Have been using K2 Recon 174's this season. They seemed adequate at everything but excelled at nothing. Well, come to think of it they were very adequate in lift lines but basically felt like like wet noodles. DtEW responded to my first request, but I did not provide very good info the first go round. Here is what I have been looking at so far.

Volkl AC50/AC30
Blizzard 8.7
Salomon Tornado
Salomon Fury
Elan Magfire 78 or 82
Dynastar 4x4 or Ti

Off Piste
Volkl Mantra
Line Prophet 90 or 100
Dynastar Sultan 85 or 95?

I am not up to date on ski gear and put this list together from reading and talkng to other skiers. Is there any difference in build/quality between the brands?

Thanks for your help,


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